Not Much happening on a rainy day on the coast, at least we’ve got Talent

So it  should be a nice thought, the idea of waking up on a spring morning and  taking a stroll along the coast, thinking of summer to come, and long days & lazy evenings…..

The reality is that for 13/4/13 in  my little part of the world, its dismal, raining, a bit blustery and not  good weather for a tan .. So not really much to blog about  other than:

  • a couple of competitions entered
  • a great deal  offered on ice cream for  a summer event  ( i will let you know about the event )
  • looking forward to  a bit of skating after a meal
  • watching Britain’s Got Talent , as the first one always has the best of the worst on it

I’m not promising to blog Daily but to those that are already following my attempts, Thank you