A spot of advice please from long time bloggers……….

Today has been a good day ,  Out for a spot of late lunch at Nandos with the folks and the kids, After a lie in this morning, popped to see an old friend  who is going through a bit of a time at the moment and found that all is OK.  a few more details sorted out for the  efforts on the south coast roll

Now just chilling ready for the normal 9 to 5 tomorrow ( which I don’t actually mind )

My question is, and i would appreciate a spot of advice on this,

Should a personal blog be separate from a professional blog , what is considered the right thing…..

  • If I have something of interest from my  professional  world , should I blog it ?
  • If a blogger is looking for support for an idea for a product would they look to personal blog ?
  • Should i make requests  for information  on personal blogs ?

I think i have it summed up here.

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  1. Personally its good to keep work from opinion’s separate, I know most bloggers have no reverence to work, and most companies mine included have a social media policy which is always worth bearing in mind!

    The main source of reviews of products and recommendations come from the blogging world, and lots of people read them that’s why companies take notice of bloggers, and even give us things to try out!

    I don’t know if your blog is the right place to ask for info, there are other forums out there, look for blogging networks related to your subject ie parenting Net mums, tots 100, and also Facebook as easy to ask questions and get real time answers.

    finally have fun, don’t just blog for views it can become tiresome, and networking is the key!



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