A bit of a catch up

So I fell into the trap, that countless bloggers have  no doubt stumbled into ….Intent on writing a blog to change the world, or some small part of it, and running dry after a week . What a couple of weeks its been,  The south coast roll, came and went,  our little group of skaters managed  a total of 134 miles . we think we have raised about £4 to 500  for  littlehampton Shopmobility…. we all had a weeks break after it to get over it, we popped across to  Calais and stayed in an excellent  camp called la bien assise….what a relaxing time we had for a few days… a gorgeous weekend this weekend and then back to work tomorrow. so all in all not a bad break …


Just a thought, if you want to  Donate any  money to the Cause we were Skating for, there is a button here. Please mention that you saw this on My Blog 


I will try not to  leave it so long next time Image