What a brilliant weekend ….so far

This has been a truly brilliant week ,  work has been good, then again it usually is in the summer, Lots of meetings planned for the coming months and  an exhibition coming up  that i think is going to be good.  Met with some relations that I hadn’t seen for a while this week as well.  I cant name them here, but if i say all the very best to Mason, i can send them a link ( isnt  the www wonderful)

And then it was Saturday,  a trip up to Crawley to  an event called the Crawley Mela ( what a cultural eye opener that was for me ) thanks to Jan & Ivan  ( another link i will have to send …)


Home in time for number 01 son to go skating without me, not a problem as im sure i inhibit him. he is just too good to say so

A lay in this morning, a leisurely day  of not  doing much at all really

My good lady  made a lovely tea tonight.

And a few minutes blogging  before i go out into the garden

Hope your weekends have been as enjoyable as mine , and if you  have kids off school on long holidays , don’t forget http://www.free-events.co.uk/

Have a great week