At the very least, it has to be relaxing….

I cant claim to have been to this one myself. but it came up  on an email i was sent and it looks to offer a ” first session free” deal.

Contact them direct on TEL: 037 0218 6230 (local rate even from mobiles) to be sure

also on

The website claims :

The Salt Cave is chain of clinics across the UK (London, Kent, Bexleyheath, Milton Keynes, Edinburgh) where the healing, microclimate of a natural salt cave is reproduced, monitored and controlled inside therapy rooms, called Salt Rooms, using a special medical device and technology, called Breeze Tronic Pro

How does it treat asthma and other respiratory illnesses?

1. During Salt Therapy patients sit in a comfortable chair in our spacious cave like room for an hour (one session), listening to relaxation music and breathing normally.

2. Negatively ionised tiny salt particles enter the respiratory system reaching even the deepest part of the lung (alveoli).

3. Based on clinical studies, the dry, saline diffused air reduces inflammation in the whole respiratory tract; absorbing oedema (swelling) from the mucosal lining and widening the airway passages, unclogging blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles thus restoring normal transport of the mucous and rapid elimination of the residual tar and foreign allergens.

4. Patients report feeling their respiratory system is clean again; improving the quality of their lives, reducing antibiotic and corticoid or steroid intake and decreasing the rate of annual hospitalisations and frequency of asthma attacks.

5. Salt Therapy is a natural, safe and beneficial method of treatment for every age group.