Music is Important to me….Comedy makes the world go around

Its that age old debate, new  ” PC ” comedy  is  or is not as funny as “the old blue comedians”…….

BBC World in 1995 had a completely different s...

any one who knows me  will know that I am a bit of a ” comedy Dinosaur” I agree that no one should feel hurt by Comedy, or a Gag…..Thats not what its for….

Im just trying to imagine the BBC or another broadcaster showing something like the Bernard Manning  links below…. One from mainstream BBC  christmas, the other from Childrens TV

Only My opinion, but i don’t think the modern ” Arena ” comedians could do this.

I guess you just wouldn’t get  darth vader,  2 comedians  & what at the time was an iconic ” sportsman” in 1 place …..the ego’s now wouldn’t allow it

PS the editing is not down to me