so what is in a name….?

I hope that my blogs are getting a little better with time. I like to think that I am honest with my opinions, I don’t make too many “Spooling Mistoks” in my text.

That after only a couple of months I have a good handful of followers.

I just want to get thoughts on this really, As a new blogger I approached a company  that supply high-end furniture. They were opening a new store near my home . I accept that i was a little Naive in how it all worked, and that it would be some sort of miracle if they suddenly shipped me a house full of furniture in return for a few disjointed lines of Blog…. I get this bit

What I thought was bad, is that the reply I got to what I would describe as a very polite request, wasn’t even in my name. To me this shows a complete lack of respect when you write to someone… I would not have minded so much had it been possibly a trainee fresh out of college that contacted me, but in fact in was the head of their PR contractor.

Based on the fact that they think its Ok to hire services from people who send things out wrongly named, even though their products are gorgeous, I would be careful what you order as you could write blue on the order form, but if your surname is green, or white  you could be in for a shock..

This is of course only my opinion



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