What a Gorgeous place to go for Breakfast…

One of the advantages of living where we do is that we are near the sea, which I have always liked. I subscribe to the theory that generally if there is something good on your doorstep , you may not Know about it, this used to be true of the lobster pot

Well this is now the 4th time we have been to the lobster pot and I am pleased to say that it was just as nice for Breakfast and a sneaky Latte this time as it was when we popped in for Lunch a little while ago with one of the drummers from Celebration Samba, as nice even as when we had to drop the boys off for an early cubs trip and basically they opened a little early for us for tea and toast

What an excellent place , with great views of the beach. The slight downside is that as it’s so nice, sometimes there can be a little wait. But then again, with the view, the sea air, the friendly staff, and the quality of what you get , Its defiantly worth waiting for .

For me , no prizes for guessing, it had to be a sneaky Latte, with my breakfast of Battered Fish In A Bap

It’s On the Prom at Felpham ( UK ) and it is WELL worth a visit if you are down this way

But don’t just take my word for it

September sunset

This is not a paid review, It is purely my opinion