Free Shingles vaccinations

Free Shingles vaccinations

I found this on the web  and although i cant use it myself ( as i only go by the name of Oldmanleslie )  i thought it was worth blogging  as Shingles is  a horrible thing and if it stops one person getting it then that’s good …..

English: Shingles blisters Day 6, Characterist...

English: Shingles blisters Day 6, Characteristic purple colour.

A vaccine for the prevention of shingles is available. From September, the vaccine (known as Zostavax®▼) will be provided to people who are between 70 and 79 years old, through their NHS GP, pharmacist or private healthcare provider the web  to look at , there may be terms & conditions

This is not a sponsored blog, i just thought you would like to know about it or circulate it to any body it can help


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