Straight from the Police web site

04 October 2013

Police are trying to trace the owner of a large amount of cash that was handed in after it was posted through the door of St Mary of All Angels Church in Gratwicke Road, Worthing.It is believed the bundles of cash were deposited on 5 September.

Police are keen to trace the owner of the cash or anyone who has information about how it came to be left at the church.
Anybody with information about this contact 101 quoting serial 0795 of 11/9.
“I just think  it’s a little weird that if someone wants to give money anonymously to a church, then the police have to get involved & get their forms all filed in…..I don’t know the church myself, but i hope they do good things with the money, and that the anonymous benefactor manages to stay anonymous”
Someone has done something good for a UK  organisation, this is a good thing, and should be praised. Not everyone wants the Lime light, some people just want to do the decent thing.