What a great place for a stop, on a lazy Sunday





Sparks yard in Arundel

Sparks Yard

What a great place for a stop, on a lazy Sunday

Right in the middle of what must be englands Sleepiest city ( arundel ) is what bills itself as a lifestyle store, I’m not quite sure what this defines it as, but on floor 2 of 3 of the store is  the  coffee shop area.  Gorgeous milk shakes ( i had and oreo one )  proper big slices of cake, and smartie  cookies for the kids…this was all we wanted as it was just a stop, but there is a full menu on offer.

Clean tables, good service, an outside terrace to sit on . They even offer loan blankets for when it gets  a little chilly.

Once we had  our snack, up to the newly set up Christmas store on the 2nd floor, what a load of really nice  traditional  toys & gifts  they have .

There is a lift to all floors of this store, the  team that run it seem to care about what people think.

Well worth another visit  maybe for a bit of Christmas shopping. If you go , pass on my best to Andrew