Free Stuff for Halloween – Pumpkin Stencils Free of Charge


Do you want to have  the best looking Pumpkin on Halloween this year , Be the best  on the street.


English: A freh pumpkin ready for carving for ...

English: A freh pumpkin ready for carving for Halloween or celebrating Thanksgiving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Here is  a little freebie i found that is Absolutely great for the kids  and they have just added loads of new stencils to download.

There is a real range to choose from, and it even tells you how hard each one is to carve. Great fun with the kids, and even more challenging ones for the adults.

Of course you will want to ensure that children are  supervised when cutting any thing that involves sharp knives or scissors

Happy Halloween  everyone

example stencils can be found at  and once you have opened them  you can save your pumpkin pattern to your desktop, or open it. Once you have it opened in a PDF reader, print it off, and get carving!