Somedays you have to think Hard on what to Blog…

Somedays you have to think Hard on what to Blog…

Today is not  one of those days.

I’m sure I am just feeling the way that  thousands of dads all around the UK have felt today,  But I am so proud of my No 1 son….. I guess from this point i shall refer to him as youngmanleslie….

He is a good lad, and  always gives his best  at all that he does,

Well today all his  hard work paid off.

He has only gone and got his D of E  Bronze……

Just for the record he has put time in with so many  things  :  Performing in public as part of the band

Littlehampton Shopmobility  , Volunteering  and helping people out

And To Top it all off he has honed his tennis playing

So good to see ” Our  Boy ”  doing good

WELL DONE SON …. Take it all the way 

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