When it goes wrong , it goes wrong ….Its how you handle it that is important ……

Its how you handle it that is important ……

Any one that knows me, knows that  one of the things i hold as important is Good service, I think that if you Give good service it will help to calm many situations and  there shouldn’t be anything you cant sort out …..

Warwick Castle

I am not going to name people in this blog as that would be unfair to them, and to the organisations that they represent, it will all become clear, and i will notify them of this post 

About  a year ago whilst  we were on a stay cation ( the buzzword for what used to be called a UK holiday ) We decided that  it would be  good to take the Boys for a day in Warwick castle. To show the history etc and all the heraldry that goes with it, Now i know that the internet is full of offers for places like this, but this was a spur of the moment decision and we  decided to go  and see. Well, we had an Ok day in the Castle , loads to see and do for the Boys , and a great show in the dungeon, but when we worked out what the day had cost us overall, i felt that it wasn’t good value for Money , so when we left and i was asked had we had a good day , i told someone what i thought.  I think they were a little surprised by my comments. but they went and got someone who actually listened to what i was saying. and after a conversation about the ” value ” and how we felt, we left the site.  Warwick castle is a long way from home  for us. so we didn’t simply want to go back and  have another day  there, we felt that we had seen the castle at its best and that was enough.

Merlin Entertainments

The Merlin groups representative that we had spoken to , true to their word, stayed in contact  and  arranged for us to  see what the group could do at another site and  tried all they could to put the bad feeling  behind us, So off we went to chessington, a place which i had very fond memories of as a teenager, this was at Easter, and as the park had just opened for the year, not everything was ready, not all the rides were open, so it wasn’t a good day . which we reported back to the Merlin contact . At this point some companies would draw a line under it all, and the comments would be forgotten, the emails lost , and the customer left  feeling confused. This is not the case with Merlin , Their man-made sure that we went back to chessington, we saw all we wanted to see, and that we had a great time there.  He liaised with the guys locally who really  help us have a great day . the kids loved it, my memories were confirmed, the day was excellent.

Chessington World of Adventures


My point is  that  even though i had to pay fuel etc, lunches, drinks, and all the other things that kids have once inside the gates of a theme park, The service that i had received to get me there was excellent.  I didn’t go in to  shout the odds at the team at the castle , i was calm with them . factually correct. and they listened. their customer service is excellent and i would thoroughly recommend a day out at chessington to any one. I can only hope that  the other sites in the group are as good, i suppose i will have to try one each summer.

In closing , to the people who helped me, Thank you very much