What a great Place to shop,

so you may have seen my ” Glasto ” Blog, what a brilliant day we had there, something absolutely amazing to see and something that we will do again I’m sure .

Its not often that you walk into a shop when you are just Mooching and  spend a long time in there, its even less likely that you will actually go back to a store. But this  place i found ticked all the boxes. Image

Really unusual ( to me any way ) things, Clothes, figures, hats, things for mums, dads, and  just about everyone.

It turned out the lady i spoke to was the manager. What a really nice lady she was too.

I wish i could have bought her Monkies, or budgies / parrots on the day, they looked brilliant and i wish i had not resisted, Who knows, when i am back next year, if they are still there Image

Any way , well worth a visit and in my opinion, it has more ” glastonbury ” in it than any other ” glastonbury ” shop

I guess the obvious way to see what they do is  https://www.facebook.com/lilithofavalonltd?fref=ts