Mingles & Jingles bag – Hotel Chocolat………yes please

Mingles and Jingles Bag

When I was asked to review for  Hotel Chocolat, I thought it would be a tiny box of  typically sickly Christmas chocolates , with fillings that I wouldn’t like. But i thought that i would give it a go any way as I know a lot of people who like chocolate and I knew I could get rid of these choccies at least 1 at a time.

How wrong was I , I was fortunate enough to get these sent to work and as its Christmas, when I  opened them and  saw how many there  were, i was able to share some around with  the people I work with. I asked for ” feedback ” and surprise surprise every one liked them.   especially when i offered  another one  later on.

These can be bought from http://www.hotelchocolat.com/uk/shop/christmas/mingles-and-jingles-bag

Any way , the  Chocolates are really  nice, with a very luxurious taste . my personal  favourites are the white Christmas bell. Although that not to say that the others  aren’t almost  as nice ( only my preference )

The Chocolates come individually wrapped and sealed. There will be many re – uses  for the nice bag that they come in as its good Quality. And I especially liked the idea of the little card in a very luxurious  envelope telling you who the chocolates had come from .

I was sent  this Bag of chocolates to review and  there was no charge to me, But would i buy them my self,….. I think i probably  would cos they really are that nice and that Little Bit Special, Well Packed, NON broken ( so far )

Image What  a nice quality Bag they were delivered in, well packed. it’s just a shame that once we realised how nice they  were, the bag soon emptied


Beautifully wrapped individual packets

All in all a great bag  to sit and nibble at  with  a loved one

Thank you Hotel Chocolat, your chocolates Definitely do the pictures Justice

Mingles and Jingles Bag

Mingles and Jingles Bag