its all about the perception ….4 door family saloons are getting ” planet friendly” and a gallon is only £6.50ish

its all about the perception ….4 door family saloons are getting ” planet friendly” and a gallon is only £6.50ish

Those that know me, know what i do for  a living and it involves an occasional drive to see people …… I just spent 5 hours and £40 UK  using public transport  to get me only 100 miles round trip , This got me thinking Well for those that  don’t like the ” German sheds” that are on the road, with just a driver in them during the day , paying tax , fuel duty  and all the other taxes levied against  motorists, I’m pleased to see  that the Car i drive  tops this list  of Efficient cars for MPG in its class, and is way more comfortable than the train

and if you think back to the old days, the A6 Audi  would equate to the mid range 4 door car in the range, equivalent to the ford Cortina , or Vauxhall cavalier ( UK models ) with the A8 ( as the equivalent of the Granada / omega )

I’m just looking at a comparison based on information  from the web, but it seems that the big motor manufacturers have really improved their MPG

Small 4 door  family saloon  Honda civic gives in excess of  70MPG Not a lot of boot space in a honda civic though , i know from experience

4 door  Family saloon  just short of 65MPG  Huge boot, comfortable  & consumatly safe for all passengers

Environmentally focused Prius  actually gives  60MPG again, more for a small shop as not a huge boot and cant take 5 people comfortably

However, when you make the jump to a real planet friendly  option @ 85+MPG  you have to sacrifice 3 seats  No space for shopping, 2 seats, and no crumple zones in an accident

And from a safety point of view, especially considering children and babies that are carried, or when a family wants to go away on hols, or actually buy something in a shop, space is paramount

I know which of the above  i would prefer to be in with my family  if it came to a crash


so using my car  would have cost about £12 for fuel and depreciation for the whole trip, i could have taken more  kit with me, i could have taken clients out. Instead i spent the day on a train & tube system that is not hygenic, Not healthy , and not good for stress levels


Rant Over ,