So not having blogged for a little while ftse

Been a little while since i have written a blog and i can’t really say that i have missed publishing things however it has been a good christmas and we all enjoyed ourselves one thing that has been important is that we have remembered christmas isn’t just about the giving. Like so many other people we have travelled around the country to see relatives we have had people come to see us from all around the country and we had a pretty good relaxing time.
The christmas tree is now back in its box all the lights are down all the decorations and down and its twelfth night and that is the purpose of this blog

christmas is a traditional thing, we all sing a christmas carol about the 12 days of christmas therefore It was very strange to hear in a shop on boxing day two people asking each other have they had a good christmas

I haven’t made too many new year resolutions this year but one thing that i hope for is that the pace of events and slow down  a little.

Just because the media and everything else happens so quickly nowadays it doesn’t mean that we have to follow it

Deliberately there are no tags on this blog so i don’t expect too many people will see it however i would welcome any comments on it

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