I knew there was a reason to support the independent coffee shops…. And then, I met Simon

Generally I try and avoid the large chain coffee shops. I practice what I preach and try to use the independents.

now i remember why that is. We Popped out for a trip to”Whiteley’s” a local shopping village to us. Great shops, all the main brands and a few Halloween things for the little oldmanleslie to do

Also a Costa coffee. So in I went. 6 minute wait for a coffee, people holding tables still waiting for drinks, so no where to sit. Dirty trays. And in my opinion, not nice coffee. This could be down to me because I said I would try the new blend. But when I mentioned this to the guy here. He could not sort it out quickly enough.

So Costa, although your venue was dirty. And you need more tables. You need to ensure that”Simon” at this store gets a mention for service as he is polite, smart and managed to get a normal blend latte to me in half the time of the original

Top service from a face in a multi national. Well impressed as this was week outside the norm for Costa