When you get one of those days you wish you didn’t have to have ….. but it turns out more than OK

When I first joined Celebration Samba I had no idea of the wonderful things that it would involve me doing and fortunately I have enjoyed most of them I have met some amazing people I’ve met some very colorful people and I’ve met some very exciting and stimulating people this blog is about one of those people.

Closely associated to Samba is Samba dance and as a member of Celebration Samba I’m pleased to be sometimes involved with Samba dancers from Brighton which is our local city these dances are the Marta Scott Dance Company and they are one of the best in the country.

We have drummed for them as a band on many many occasions and this time I wasn’t required to drum I was just asked if I wanted to go and help to raise some funds for one of their members who has  a terminal illness.

So off I went with my long-suffering wife and picked up a couple of the Dancers en route went to the big city of Brighton and watched what was a very good performance.We collected some money for the lady that is ill (I won’t name her here obviously) and we also had some pictures taken with the Dancers and with the people that were there who seem to be having a great time

Then after all this has happened about a dozen of the Dancers decided to go on the Brighton zip wire in full samba costume so as you can imagine this raised quite a stir. lots of people looking at the Dancers, a few screams , and a few technical hitches. But overall a great day out with the crowds there for the day for a lovely sunny day in Brighton.

I would much prefer not to have to do anything to do with charity that involves raising money for illnesses whether it’s Ms or  cancer whether its some other horrible disease but taking all this into consideration I think this morning was a great way to spend some time and also to have a lot of fun and I would say again to anybody that thinks about it if you want to have fun raising money for people to help them out then go for it every single time

So if you want to find out a little more information about celebration samba or Marta and her dancers . By all means drop me an email and I’ll put you in contact

Thank you very much for looking once again at my blog