What a brilliant Family Night out & free of charge as well

I had the pleasure of being invited to  Glastonbury this year for Free, i was told about the event by the good people who head up celebration samba …. Now I know that everyone will think  of the Massive music festival, but any one who know me  knows I ” aint  the biggest fan of live music ” so that’s unlikely What I didn’t know is that every year in that part of the world there is a whole series  of Illuminated Processions  that tour the area and  on the last night of the season they get together for a competition  and  ” Tour ” around Glastonbury . It’s a free event, all we had to pay was £3.something for a whole days parking in the town The floats are Amazing 

Glastonbury Carnival 2011 - Jungle dancers


And  as they come past, the heat, Noise and general excitement is Brilliant, Obviously  this has all been caught on you tube , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1OoMm8iZms  but when you are there its a brilliant low-cost day out for  the whole family. my personal favourite was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBXRa6RE5XQ Take a picnic and you wont even have to spend in the shops and restaurants.Although some of these are excellent and not too pricey

One special mention for  http://www.lilithofavalon.com/  which is a shop i certainly hadn’t seen the like of before, it was fascinating . and i would recommend a look in there if you go ” down Glastonbury way “

The homepage for the carnival is http://glastonburycarnival.com/ and I am sure I will be there next year … hope to see you And just for the record , I’m not part of the committee, or have anything to do with the shop, I’m just sharing what was a brilliant day out

Ellice – No Passengers……. but I’m a little Biased on the video


So yes, it’s a catchy tune. Not X Factor based, Nice singer, but most important i want to tell the world about it as it was Directed by James Atkinson. Filmed by James Atkinson. Assisted by Leo Atkinson.  Filmed on location and The Jailhouse, Hereford.

Performed by Ellice.

So why is all this Important i hear you ask, Well, its  a pride thing, Because James is one of my cousins boys.  Running his own  media organisation, this isn’t the  first music video he has done. He always does a good Job, and  this could be one of those  that in the future people refer to as his ” early work ” before he became famous…

Any how, thats enough from Me. James  & JDA Media are easy  to get hold of. Based in the UK in Worcestershire

Thanks for your time