So this one makes me sad….

as reported on  I think this  is a wrong choice by the BBC, Charts should be based on sales, where s  the fun in clinically clicking a button for your music, maybe I’m too ” old ” Oldmanleslie.

it was fun buying vinyl, it felt good. it still sounds better and it looks good ( only my opinion)

but here’s the rational argument. For example, one of my old faves. I have this  behind me on a cd, and somewhere on an old vinyl. bought in shops, so I assume I have paid my fees to the artist. And therefore I can listen to it on some service for free.

but if all I pay is to stream the track and listen when I want, I don’t own a copy out right. so if this is the thin end of the wedge, will there one day only be streamed music available ..

rant over , let me know what you though of the old classic


another sad loss… David Coleman has died ( as reported by the BBC )  to me David Coleman was THE voice of most BBC sport when i was a kid.

One  of the old school presenters who actually knew what he was talking  about

A long career,  and as far as we know , No skeletons in the closet

A parody from spitting image.

I guess we all have to go at sometime


Just Get this one out far and wide

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My First Follow Up Blog .

Just in case it does get a bit bad this winter , advice from the BBC  on all the things you can do in preparation  this was published in Jan 2013 but the advice would be good for any time

Advice for UK drivers, Apparently there is Bad weather  on the way in October

This is the second time I’ve seen this, so i guess there may be some truth in it. Apparently the UK  is heading for a bit of a cold spell and we are due bad weather  in October…

AA van, Bristol, England

AA van, Bristol, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So i thought it best to list a few  things that might help you get through it.

Advice from The AA on winter driving  it might be snow that comes , it may be  rain and wind

Similar from the RAC  which also has some ideas on how to change your driving

A link to the BBC where you can put in a town or postcode you are in  or going to and see  what’s forecast

another good site to monitor Flood risk

Hopefully the forecasts are wrong, and we save it all up for an idyllic  White Christmas that we can all enjoy 

I guess for all our friends in the good old USA, we could learn a few things from you

Music is Important to me….Comedy makes the world go around

Its that age old debate, new  ” PC ” comedy  is  or is not as funny as “the old blue comedians”…….

BBC World in 1995 had a completely different s...

any one who knows me  will know that I am a bit of a ” comedy Dinosaur” I agree that no one should feel hurt by Comedy, or a Gag…..Thats not what its for….

Im just trying to imagine the BBC or another broadcaster showing something like the Bernard Manning  links below…. One from mainstream BBC  christmas, the other from Childrens TV

Only My opinion, but i don’t think the modern ” Arena ” comedians could do this.

I guess you just wouldn’t get  darth vader,  2 comedians  & what at the time was an iconic ” sportsman” in 1 place …..the ego’s now wouldn’t allow it

PS the editing is not down to me



Its Only a tune……………. so why does it pick me up and take me somewhere

ell, we all made it to the weekend,  Its been a good week, the boys seem to be enjoying the hols ( Doh )  and  there is a threat  that the sun may come back out to shine for a few days so that’s a bonus….

I blogged before, that  I’m a forty something year old fella, that  on the whole does Ok for himself and his family.  Today  i was woken on the alarm clock by the UK radio station  BBC radio 1………. same as every other morning , except this morning it was the jungle book playing at 6.30 so that put me in a good mood …….and then after ” snooze time ” the breakfast show was live  from  Ibiza ……Not a part  of the world i have had the pleasure of going to , always  fancied it, not got around  to it though…


Any how ,  dad dancing  while dressing , not a pretty sight, but  enjoyable, driving the arduous 4 miles to work,  and then 1.5 hours of radio 1 at work . playing all the old tracks I loved, what a great way to start the day off…… but only online for 7 days

One they didn’t play, i wished they had

Listen BBC Radio 1 via “The Radio”

Listen BBC Radio 1 via “The Radio” (Photo credit: [ Mooi ])

, and  a simple question ” how can music  feel like its picking you up and

taking you  away to a good place ? ”


have a great weekend