Just to increase awareness really, ‘cos its all about the sharing

English: Littlehampton lighthouse

English: Littlehampton lighthouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Littlehampton (Photo credit: James.Stringer)

I’m guessing that those of you that know about this already will know how supportive this network is. I Volunteer  when I can for  the local branch of  the shop mobility network. The office is in Littlehampton and it  provides the local network with all sorts of services and aids for people who need ” a little bit of help”

Doesn’t matter if it’s just a small strap to help  you not to forget your walking stick, to a wheelchair that you need a short term for a relative that is coming to see you.

We offer a full range of devices that can help  with they things that you have to do on a day-to-day basis.

If you have a friend or relation whose needs have changed and as a result you have devices that are no longer needed, then we  may be able ” broker ” a sale for you.

Any how, that’s enough about the shop, come to see  us

Littlehampton 4

Littlehampton 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer is most definitely here…..and its still all about the sharing


All i have for you in this blog is  a few freebies  that I have found on the web that might be of interest ( bear in mind I’m in the UK ) and the offers may be UK-based also that i am a forty something married male so it’s not going to be something to set the world on fire  …Also something that I saw in the week that  Really has inspired me…

First of all the thing that Inspired me…. Lots of people   blog, Face book, tweet and do all sorts of things on the social media  scene, I’m just as guilty  as the next man of having an internet presence… while facebooking, i was sent a link that stated simply ” There are no words to describe what you’re about to see.” so we all see these  from time  to time, most of us ignore them, most of the time . i know i do, for some reason NOT this one . Any one who knows me knows why this will have hit home with me. I’m not major religious…I just have to work out in my head  if its better to do “e@things ” or like this dad has done, things in the real world that are really important.

and now for some freebies. under the theme of things from the www that have use in the REAL world

Any how, that s about it for now, thanks for dropping by