Some times an endorsement doesn’t help

So sometimes when you buy a branded product and you buy it often you kind of know what it’s going to taste like. Tonight I drank the last of my christmas stock of various ginger beer that I had bought.
there were many different varieties and this one was the original Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer. Which I have had before.I had a few over time. This one tasted different. Same brand,same fridge,same amount of time. It just didn’t taste as good as usual.


I couldn’t work it out. What was different, was I imagining things…
All I could see that was different was this was a bottle that was offering me a chance to win a load of tfi Friday goods

Would a regular manufacturer make a different batch just for TV advertising and why does everything now have to have a competition with it .?


The drink was almost as nice as usual it’s just I guess now that it looks a little different so in my mind it tastes a  little different

Right now….

I am doing something good…it might help me…it might help someone else….

I will update the blog when I am finished….

Any guesses…….

So It wasn’t really special , i was giving blood, i work on the theory that  there is now a reserve of 20 pints out there of mine that someone may  one day need

If you fancy trying , have a look at this link


there’s also a link to Anthony Nolan here 

Celia – Gluten free Beer V Carling Zest

So there was I, enjoying a pleasant night  with good company, in the run up to Christmas. Generally in good spirits,having had good food, and sitting down to watch another ” typical ” Christmas film. All the component parts of a nice night

Then I was given a bottle of Celia  Beer to drink,Celia Lager I have to say  that being a man of some years, i have had a few beers in my time,  i like the mainstream lagers. however this beer, In my opinion was Awful. It tasted almost as if it hadnt been brewed out properly.

I get the idea that  with Gluten free products  there may be a difference in taste slightly. This  beer was just  Not nice,

Im sure there are alternates available.

My host even told me to finish it before i could move onto the Carling Zest ( with wild berries )

Now me  & my mate have had daft ideas  and many challenges  of many kinds, eating drinking  & other things over the years, its one of the things that we just seem to do , I wouldn’t change that…

However from experience tonight, i can confirm that in the context of spending time with friends, and relaxing , Carling Zest beer is Significantly Nicer than Celia  Czech beer 

What a Brilliant Gesture, well done to the shopper, Hope Tesco at least match it ….

I have to credit a friend of mine on face book for this one , so i will send her the link  don’t want to name her as she  wouldn’t appreciate it,

I just wondered if all the bloggers out there could get this out far and wide, some one can get it to Tesco and possibly  each store could  make a similar donation to  the same charity…..Just think of the positive PR in that for Tesco

Jordon Cox, 16, on an 'Extreme Couponing' trip to Tesco where he picked up nearly £600 worth of food for free - and dontated it to disadvantaged families.


Mingles & Jingles bag – Hotel Chocolat………yes please

Mingles and Jingles Bag

When I was asked to review for  Hotel Chocolat, I thought it would be a tiny box of  typically sickly Christmas chocolates , with fillings that I wouldn’t like. But i thought that i would give it a go any way as I know a lot of people who like chocolate and I knew I could get rid of these choccies at least 1 at a time.

How wrong was I , I was fortunate enough to get these sent to work and as its Christmas, when I  opened them and  saw how many there  were, i was able to share some around with  the people I work with. I asked for ” feedback ” and surprise surprise every one liked them.   especially when i offered  another one  later on.

These can be bought from

Any way , the  Chocolates are really  nice, with a very luxurious taste . my personal  favourites are the white Christmas bell. Although that not to say that the others  aren’t almost  as nice ( only my preference )

The Chocolates come individually wrapped and sealed. There will be many re – uses  for the nice bag that they come in as its good Quality. And I especially liked the idea of the little card in a very luxurious  envelope telling you who the chocolates had come from .

I was sent  this Bag of chocolates to review and  there was no charge to me, But would i buy them my self,….. I think i probably  would cos they really are that nice and that Little Bit Special, Well Packed, NON broken ( so far )

Image What  a nice quality Bag they were delivered in, well packed. it’s just a shame that once we realised how nice they  were, the bag soon emptied


Beautifully wrapped individual packets

All in all a great bag  to sit and nibble at  with  a loved one

Thank you Hotel Chocolat, your chocolates Definitely do the pictures Justice

Mingles and Jingles Bag

Mingles and Jingles Bag


For little boys & girls all over the world What a great Idea for an unusual Christmas present ….and you MAY see Santa

 What a great idea for Kids & possibly get to see Santa for free


Make sure to watch Reindeer Cam on December 18th, and 23rd at 1:00 PM ET. You just might catch a glimpse of Santa coming to feed his loyal reindeer crew.Animal Planet FREE Live Reindeer Cam



When they aren’t busy pulling Santa’s sleigh, these reindeer call the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in Saint Paul, Minnesota home.

A stachue of santa claus

Sponsoring Como’s reindeer makes a great gift! Visit for sponsorship package information.
Get ready for Animal Planet’s Holiday Best Fest, starting December 16th!




A heads up is never a bad thing

Mobile speed camera locations in Sussex:

December 2013

Exact dates would be nice  i guess ……..

I suppose if you see this and it makes enough people slow down and it saves one accident it is worth it, But i cant get around the fact that  it is some kind of revenue generator….

Safe motoring Boys and girls, Dont drink and drive,

And help give everyone else a Happy & safe  Christmas

Mobile speed camera

Mobile speed camera

Old school is always the best way ……..

So today, it was proved to me that ” old School ” is the best way…. we heard from an old Friend of the family a couple of weeks ago that there was a local event that she would like to go to. Just to say the lady involved has no email , no PC, No smart phone. No internet access, She had seen an advert ” printed ” in a local Parish type Magazine


We knew it would be a nice day out with a friend any


way so off we went to the event… I of course had tried to find it on the www the night before & couldnt so my expectations werent High …


The event was brilliant, a proper local event but on a big scale. all sorts of things going on. we particularly liked the soprano singer . The tree was magnificent


It looks also like it’s an annual event so roll on 2014


Any one who follows the Blog will know from the summer that i know a couple of good places to go in Arundel for that illusive Latte, well today we were on our way to take our friend to our favorite


When almost like a little voice at the side of the road ( or was it that i saw the sign ) i was drawn to what turned out to be the BEST BROWNIE I HAVE EVER EATEN sage


so a great day out generally, a smashing lunch, thanks to the team at sparks yard


Sparks Yard

Sparks Yard (Photo credit: Badly Drawn Dad)


, and time with an old friend


Not a bad weekend, and it’s not over yet


All thanks to an Ad in a magazine that an old lady saw ……..Old school is the future


What a great Idea for a Budding Chef For Christmas,

A Sous Vide Bath

Not Sure about who is going to think  of this as a good Blog, I get asked  on  a regular basis  about Sous Vide  as a means of cooking  and preparing food, and i have to say that whilst i can get the information together for people, I am Not the expert.

However, I came across this  Sous vide  Bath  and I thought it was worth a  look at,

SVP12 Sous Vide Bath

Its the SVP 12 Bath and its now available  from Tempcon

The spec is as below

Sous Vide  baths are an excellent asset to any kitchen. There are many benefits of owning a sous vide:

Ideal for long term cooking, Stationary baths, Temperature stability of ±1°C to enable precision cooking, Energy efficient as the tanks are insulated, They’re robust and durable due to the stainless steel inner case and outer tank.


  • Tank Capacity – 12 Litre
  • Temp Range – ambient plus 5 to 95°C
  • Display – 3 Digit LED 0.5°C resolution
  • Working Volume – 325x300x140mm
  • Overall Dimensions – 380x325x275mm
  • Fixed over temperature cut-out

There is a Promotion on the WWW at present for  Free UK delivery

I need to add apparently that i do work for tempcon, however this is not a sponsored Blog

You Know Christmas is just around the corner when……

Some people wait for the first christmas carol on the radio, some look for the coca cola truck… one of my Faves for this time of year ( and its not even meant to be festive ) is this one…..

How clever are turkeys ?


and you just know its going to last


Over the years I have Bought many things from Marks & Spencer’s. I know that they  are not always the cheapest, but their  food is always nice, their clothes always last well and the other things i have bought have always lasted wellFreya Footstool


So when you see a nice offer that appears to be  in time for Christmas that they have put out, it only seems right to share it . I accept its Not a review of a product but simply  what i have found to be a great supplier


And a saving is after all, always a saving


English: Logo of Marks & Spencer displayed on ...


I am needing a bit of advice

So I decided that i will try to daily blog, I’m hoping its gonna be good to read, I will try to put a freebie in there some where  each time, But i want a spot of advice on how to get my blog far and wide. I look at as i was pointed in that direction, My bloggings aren’t really child based though .

So where to begin …?

any how, here’s the freebie  i found .

Traditional Christmas..? what does that mean, traditional is something that you expect to see ..

generally something that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling ..

Dependant on where about in the UK you live  take your kids along, the whole Santa, warm & fuzzy Christmas feeling  is just around the corner  ( possibly )

So its less than 50 days to Christmas…….. what are the most popular toys

So Every November we all start looking for ward to the festive season, For some its the religious aspect, for some kids it’s that they get the Hot present of the year . For Mums and dads it all about the family and having a bit of Down time to relax.
Music wise we will all no doubt hear the usual songs over the coming weeks , I hope you enjoy this one i was made aware of a few years ago …..
For the purposes of any one thinking of ” double meanings ” i am listing this as a song about presents .

And just in case you need to get a little ” cheesier ” i am guessing you wont know this one either

Now the important stuff :

The John lewis Most popular toys for christmas 2013   I Know John lewis  John Lewismight not be deemed as the  best toyshop in the world, But they have that certain something that gives a feel of Quality  to their service

Price Match

Lots of Gifty ideas for Christmas, is it too early to be telling people

Just a short one tonight,  Im not sure on the whole idea of when its to early  to tell people about Christmas ideas. Some people have it all taken care of , just after the  previous  year. some leave it to the last minute.

Any How, Just to let you know that the  Nice people behind Shabby Chic  ( on  the web ) have started putting up their  offerings for Christmas, Nice ideas, cool things .

Some of their more Christmassy things are here 

Just to remind you , This is NOT a paid Blog,  I have not received goods for it

Its just for a business that does good things and its worth telling people about


we all like a chuckle at times……….

A freebie found on Amazon

Might be just the thing to download early if you are giving a kindle this Christmas


Yes its an Ebook for  a kindle, but i bet its got some of the old classic jokes in there.

its on other sites aswell

Could be Just what you need in the run up to Christmas..

So we all know that Christmas is a time for giving, its the season for parties, getting together with friends. and Good times. so how about a  business that  combines most of the above.

Shabby Chic Home Boutique


Based on the south coast of England and offering a Mixed range of great gift  ideas for Christmas or Any time of the year

Shabby Chic Home Boutique

Their face book Page  will show you a lot of what they do,

The idea is that you get a few friends together and they will come and help you with a party to show you their products.  Maybe a glass of the  seasons vintage  with friends


They aren’t a ” new kid on the block” having  traded successfully for  3 years

They wont bombard you with emails on a daily basis like some on-line businesses

They can do mail  order if you see something specific that you like


I have used their products and that’s why I know they are worth recommending.

This is NOT a sponsored Blog

Should it always be about price, or should stores know their limits


We know that  every one who ever goes within a mile of the internet has to have a PC or MAC at home, with a laptop or notebook out with them, and a tablet or smart phone for those awkward moments when they don’t  have  any other choice…. that’s just the way it is now, and its fine.  My comment is simply  this…….. Should you  go to a food shop for food , a clothes shop for clothes and somewhere like curry’s for electrical products. or are we happy to have superstores that go for global domination. is it too late to reverse the trend

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Not so much to report this week …..

Just so y'all know, This was one of the band performances last year ( 2012 ) and this is one of the reasons I love it so much

a bit of an insight into Me……

So here we are again, another week passed, and what a weekend it has been in our house…. A children’s birthday party,  a band performance that went very well, a sleepless night ( by choice )  and  still time to take a breath and blog it all…..Thoughts turn now to a couple of things, why did the media take delight in informing us last week that we have 10 years of  irrational weather  ahead of us , and  secondly , how soon before the shops start selling Christmas goods…..

Heres hoping for sunny days and lots of them over the summer

Lots of people getting hot and really feeling summery, as it lifts peoples spirits generally