Possibly the nicest coffee i have ever had …..

So I like a sneaky latte, there’s no issue with that , I and I will continue to hunt down the best  one on my travels. I MAY have stumbled across the perfect recipe  though so I thought I would share…..

A Big old Mug ( with a nice big circumference  that takes to hands to hold ) for that warm  fuzzy feeling…. A big old slug of  ” THE MAGICAL INGREDIENT  FOR ANY COFFEE “ In this case lemon Meringue   syrup. And yes, im sorry i didn’t measure exactly ,

A good old fashioned Tassimo  coffee pod, run twice through the machine  just to getCARTE NOIRE Expresso  the extra strength  for the Mix , With a large Latte  portion , again run twice  through  the machine

I don’t know  if it was just the ingredients, or the Delicate way  I stirred it (  who am I kidding )  but  it was lovely, and  for a large coffee with syrup, I worked out it only cost about 60p

Tassimo & Monin are 2 names that definitely go well together and I will be telling them so


A heads up is never a bad thing

Mobile speed camera locations in Sussex:

December 2013

Exact dates would be nice  i guess ……..

I suppose if you see this and it makes enough people slow down and it saves one accident it is worth it, But i cant get around the fact that  it is some kind of revenue generator….

Safe motoring Boys and girls, Dont drink and drive,

And help give everyone else a Happy & safe  Christmas

Mobile speed camera

Mobile speed camera

If you know anything about this , please help, or pass this on to any one you know,,,,


This Taken direct from the WWW


Badge of the Sussex Police

Badge of the Sussex Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Please circulate far and wide as any help  to the police  and the family would be helpfull


The  article is also at  http://www.bognor.co.uk/news/breaking-police-discover-man-s-body-in-climping-1-5711988  and refers to West Sussex in the UK


A BODY of a man was discovered in Climping this morning (Wednesday, November 27).


Police were called to a field near the A259 Grevatts Lane, at 11.30am, where the body had been found.


Sussex Police has not yet released the identity of the male.


However, a spokeswoman for the force said the death is not being treated as suspicious at this time.


The coroner’s officer is dealing with the incident.


Updates to follow.


A body has been found in Climping    L49505H13


And it was GOOD , Mind you so was the lady dressed as a witch that served me

Hero Landing Page Banner

Been off this week , so got a few Sneaky ” non weekend ” latte’s in there. and as i was waiting to have by car fixed, i thought i would give in to the corporate  brand  and try …….


OMG , it was gorgeous,  with all the trimmings. Couldn’t Fault it, drank every last drop

On a separate issue, why is it that as i get older, i find witches  and all things Halloween  weirdly  attractive , could it be early exposure to Elvira

Happy Halloween Boys & girls


I didn’t think I would get there so Quickly ….. thank you

Not much to Blog today  , so this one is a little  bit weird. Just a line or two to say  Thank you to those that have looked at my Blog, Followed it, It doesn’t matter how you got to  it, i just wanted to say thank you ..


Apparently today the 1000th view went through, I know some of you get that  number a day, but to me its significant


glittertextmaker.infoto those that follow me , thanks, to those that tell others , thanks as well


And for any one else that sees this , a small freebie  I found as its all about the sharing


According to  the web, there are free doughnuts to be had , not sure if its Just a UK thing, or global. but it links out to 


Krispy Kreme logo


To be honest…..not very nice, just a bit bland at the top


First one of the weekend….while working at the shopmobility shop I littlehampton…..nice bacon sarnie,but not nice coffee.

Sorry I couldn’t photo the butty, it was yummy

  11.32 update . it was more ” coffee ” ish at the bottom, so i guess it just needed to be a bit stronger

I told you so , I told you so ………

Well in a previous Blog i mentioned a little place in arundel  Called Sparks Yard. I said they were one of the nicest places to stop for a ” sneaky latte ”

it turns out  i was right  and now they have just scooped another award follow the link and say HI

Well done to the Team @ Sparks

Happy COFFEE Day!

I guess its always national something or other day some where ….

Roaming Rosie

coffee heart

Sunday, September 29th, is National Coffee Day!

To celebrate this necessary, addictive, complicated, comforting, sweet, perfect nectar of life, here are a few eCards that will hopefully bring a smile to your coffee buzz!

someecards.com - Seize the day!! Nope, not without coffee first.

someecards.com - I like my coffee like I like my men... Hot & Irish!

someecards.com - Today is a multiple cups of coffee kind of day.


someecards.com - ahhh that feeling when the first sip of coffee touches your soul.....

someecards.com - There is not enough coffee in Columbia to make me a morning person.

someecards.com - Why yes, I am drinking coffee at 3 in the afternoon. It's 7a.m. somewhere.

coffee blood type

decaf coffee

(photos:  cup of coffee, someecards)

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What a waffle…..


and the Coconut Cappuccino  that came with it went down really well. 

Thanks to the girls and boys at  http://thelondonroadcoffeeshop.co.uk/  Best Waffle i have had in a long time,  Service was excellent , even  though the place was very busy.  If you  are ever down in sunny bognor regis for a day  or a holiday . definitely worth a visit

There are other places in the town that can serve  coffee, and waffles, but as someone that has tried most of them. This place gets it ” hands down ” as one of the best , and Not badly priced 

Just for the record , I  was not paid for  this blog, its just when a place is this good, its best to tell people


No Sneaky Shop Bought latte’s today …

Today has been one of those weird sorts of days, Not the usual  Saturday in the ” oldmanleslie ” household.. very briefly

Went to see the  real ” oldmanleslie ”  this morning to sort out a few things, A brief trip into  sunny Bognor Regis, bumped into  one  of the guys i work with and his lovely wifeSpot of lunch which was fine

Then a trip up to the out-of-town retail park , for mrs Oldmanleslie to get a present for some one

Home for a spot of tea, then  sent Number 01 son off to  his skating,  whilst i was at home relaxing..

Best part of the day  was coffee this morning, Not a sneaky latte, but a ” proper coffee ” made from  the finest beans from Dads supplier, all i can go on is that the coffee tasted good  to me


English: Beach and groynes at Bognor Regis

Who would have thought of offering to help a customer

Anybody who knows me knows I like a sneaky latte coffee. Especially at the weekends.

Sainsburys in bognor regis just got it wrong.

Dirty tea cup that I had to clean for Mrs “oldmanleslie”. Guy serving that told me I had to wait for my latte as he couldn’t bring it over to us….even though I counted 6 people on duty….and not even a latte glass..

You get what you pay for I guess…£7.10 of NOT very nice

This is only my opinion

English: J Sainsbury PLC Sainsburys old logo.

The Start of what could be a very noisy weekend ……Bring it on

So here it is , only 16.21 on a wet Saturday afternoon  in England , and  what a day  its been so far. The band i play in ….celebration samba

Celebration Samba

 have performed 3 times today as part of the Arundel  Festival

, i guess we must be popular because we keep getting asked back .

I have discovered 2  new places  to go to indulge my favorite vice ( sneaky Latte’s )   and  i have  a gig to look forward to  tomorrow in Bognor Regis, and then also  on Monday in Worthing …. There is going to be a lot of drumming me thinks, then back to work on Tuesday .

If you are based on the south coast and want to come and see us perform . drop me  a line or have a look at the www…..

Thats enough for me for now , off to practice

Arundel folks are not put off by a bit of rain

Just to add that we did perform a total of 6  times over the 3 days, we won prizes for  some of the gigs, its nice to know that the judges like us , but most importantly  we play because we enjoy it . we would love to have you come and join us . so if you are based on the south coast of the UK anywhere near Worthing …Thursday nights at 7.30  drop the band a line via the www and we look forward to seeing you 

What a way to spend a week off…

So, my first blog post, What a scary thought, how to complete it, will any one actually  see it. I guess the only way to find out is to give it a go and see….

Had this week just past off from Tempcon   and this year as a family  we decided to have what they call in the UK  a “Stay-Cation “. Managed to get a few things done that we wanted around the house, Didn’t need the usual trip to B&Q  as  the cold & bad weather that we have had previously  meant No gardening.

Obviously being off meant yesterday was clear  for a spot of drumming with the band  which is always good .

A day out with the family at Chessington  went down well. In fact tempered with a couple of sessions  for the number one son  at the Driving School  and a spot of retail therapy at Ikea as number two son loves the hot-dogs  it hasn’t been a bad week off.

And then to top it all off, I followed  the example and started to do  some of the on-line Competitions  that a friend and a cousin had been doing for a while  & knowing that they had  won  things i was optimistic

I got my first win. Dont worry it not a life changer

Any how, that’s probably a bad attempt at a first blog, but  we all have to start somewhere