I didn’t think I would get there so Quickly ….. thank you

Not much to Blog today  , so this one is a little  bit weird. Just a line or two to say  Thank you to those that have looked at my Blog, Followed it, It doesn’t matter how you got to  it, i just wanted to say thank you ..


Apparently today the 1000th view went through, I know some of you get that  number a day, but to me its significant


glittertextmaker.infoto those that follow me , thanks, to those that tell others , thanks as well


And for any one else that sees this , a small freebie  I found as its all about the sharing


According to  the web, there are free doughnuts to be had , not sure if its Just a UK thing, or global. but it links out to 


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Today has been one of those ” good ” days

Burgess Hill Bonfire Parade

Burgess Hill Bonfire Parade (Photo credit: sjr60)

Well, today has  definitely been one of those  good days, The band  have performed again , in glorious sunshine. No prize this time but you cant win them  all i guess….The country is still  sunny with a long range forecast not to change….So yes, things are good.

This got me thinking back into  history  for a couple of things…..

  • we now live in a ” nanny State ” where we have to tell people that its sunny and almost instantly issue a warning about heat. if this Is the case, then why do most Brits try to go somewhere sunnier  in the summer .
  • its not just the warnings we get about the heat , cold, rain, etc etc …we have  become way to politically correct  in our approach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twYZH_XNqDk  for example if one of these gents did what the media say  he did , then that was wholly wrong and a sentence should be passed. however, does that mean that the humour that was funny at the time isn’t funny now. Never forget that basic principle of innocent until proven Guilty
  • the sad News that Mel Smith has passed away. this reminds me that  he was part of the original  move  from Un PC comedy in the 80’s….one of lifes funny men… . is all of his comedy still deemed Ok to broadcast

Any way, a good session  of skating  with the Clan  and  just time to blog a little

Not so much to report this week …..

Just so y'all know, This was one of the band performances last year ( 2012 ) and this is one of the reasons I love it so much

a bit of an insight into Me……

So here we are again, another week passed, and what a weekend it has been in our house…. A children’s birthday party,  a band performance that went very well, a sleepless night ( by choice )  and  still time to take a breath and blog it all…..Thoughts turn now to a couple of things, why did the media take delight in informing us last week that we have 10 years of  irrational weather  ahead of us , and  secondly , how soon before the shops start selling Christmas goods…..

Heres hoping for sunny days and lots of them over the summer

Lots of people getting hot and really feeling summery, as it lifts peoples spirits generally

just a little thought today…..

only a couple of things to blog about today, i suppose it is only Saturday morning , so it could be a good weekend………. Good luck to  my Number 01 son  on his D of E  practice hike …….If you find somewhere that’s good , tell every one about it ” the Elmer Tandoori “

&  you can believe some of what you see on the  web …..


have a great weekend