“What a real ” WOW ” of a place, with just the right amount of ” just what was needed “”

What an excellent place for a family meal, we went to celebrate a bit of an occasion for us . the Buffet was excellent
, the food was fresh, presented beautifully . Drinks were a little expensive, but not too overpriced in my opinion ( remember this is Dubai and it’s just not the same as the UK or Europe ) . the rose for my wife was a pleasant surprise , as was the very tasty gift .At the Burj

Our youngest son wasn’t charged for his ” drink of choice ” at all.


I accept that  normally  now  you have to pay a lot for good service, well at the burj,  I can say that i don’t think i paid anything like the level of excellent service  we received

A very special thank you to” Mohit ” as he prepared a dish especially for my son. Yes, the main chef in a world-class restaurant took and 8-year-old child ” fully a la carte ”  this really made an impression on my son 

also to

“Ivan”, one of the senior management team. who was kind enough to take time out of his day to come and talk to us. and arranged a personal tour of the hotel,

and also to

the waiter  who went way beyond the call of duty  and ” played ” with my son  out on the beach in the evening as my son said it was a little cold in the restaurant.

The staff even  managed to explain WHY  this is a 7  star hotel

The staff in the restaurant and the hotel have an obvious pride in what they do , and it shows. Even the  things inside the hotel are worth a few minutes to watch

It is so very easy to see why this restaurant should well be one of the best in the world

Located  on the  Ground floor, Burj Al Arab | PO Box 74147, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thank you to Ivan and his team 


+971 4 301 7600

Lea Marston Hotel & Spa – Sutton Cold field ( UK )

Stayed at this place on Wednesday night, it was for business and the hotel was booked for me. I had room 10 and can comment that :
room was big enough, clean enough and had the usual tea & coffee-making facilities so not too bad there i guess. A quiet room, far enough away from any roads i could leave the window openHotels Warwickshire


There was WiFi available but the procedure to get on it was so long-winded, 2 calls via the internal phone just rang through un answered.
the food in the evening at dinner was Ok , i personally would not rate it as 4 star.
When i went to question reception about the wifi , it was just a case of ” that’s what we offer….”
Not even a ” would you like us to register you here ” or anything else that could help me…..

so off i went into the spa

WOW really help full staff, gorgeous clean changing facilities, the pool was just what was needed at the end of the day , and with a ” side order ” of sauna & steam room” absolutely brilliant.Sutton Coldfield Spa

The spa even lent me £1.00 for the locker, spa days birminghamreally sorry i didn’t take the young guys name behind the desk. It was Wednesday evening and he was REALLY helpful

I almost forgot this one , great for Family Holidays

One that just came back to my mind  that you might want to know about, Could be a bit late  in the season for this year, but for 2014 im sure the people at  http://www.landcruise.uk.com/ would love to hear from you

English: A Motorhome

English: A Motorhome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These Guys are based in Chichester in west Sussex and they hire out Very good quality Mobile homes, We have used them  twice for trips and have absolutely No  problem in recommending them to any one. We Have used generally  larger vehicles so that we have not had the hassle of making up beds  each day . There are 4 of us and we like our space.

The homes all come with just about everything you need for the trip, all you need to cover is the cost of fuel , food, fun, fizzy pop, and your entertainment .

On one of our trips we went from the south coast to Scotland for 3 days, stopped pretty much  where we wanted to en route, we went to Blackpool, York and  to see some old friends in the north-east.

These  units work out to be not too expensive in my opinion for what you  get and as we found you can have a real adventure hiring one for  a week

They can be taken  overseas if you arrange this  with the team before you take the unit away

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ryc4BBvGhNk will show you a short vid

Take your motorhome into the hills

the choice of vehicles  http://www.landcruise.uk.com/motorhomes/

Special last-minute offers that may be gone by the time you look  http://www.landcruise.uk.com/special-offers/

Direct information from their www

Motorhome fleet

Our fleet of motorhomes (some people call them campervans) ensure that you have a safe and comfortable trip. We have eight different layouts ranging from 2 to 6 berths and from budget to VIP. Not sure which motorhome to hire? Have a look at our guide to choosing the right motorhome for you.  We also specialise in dog-friendly motorhome hire.

Motorhome Sales

Later this year we will be selling some of our ex hire fleet. For further details please email info@landcruise.uk.com or phone 01243 380000.

What it costs?

The cheapest 2 berth costs between £360 in winter and £720 in summer. A typical family 4-6 berth motorhome costs between £425 to £925. For further information, see our hire prices. In addition to the hire tariff, you should allow for:

  • £5 – £7 per day for second driver insurance
  • £2.50 per day if you have 3 points on your licence
  • The insurance excess is £750 with an option to reduce to £0 if you take out Collision Damage Waiver
  • £1 per day for propane gas
  • From £100 per week if you wish to travel to mainland Europe

We do not charge for taking credit card payments or have any other administration charges.