So when you get stuck in a bit of a rut, and then the rut changes for the better…..

Anyone who knows me and the rest of my clan knows that Saturday nights are generally skating nights. We are fortunate enough to go to a really cool, old-school club that’s been around for 40 years…. Nearly as old as old man Leslie…

They play a mix of the same old tunes, they hire out proper 4 wheel quad skates. And they are so family friendly in their normal sessions.

Well, they recently decided to do the first( in a long time) adults only extra hour… What a brilliant idea…. Not too many people, music was just that little bit different and good. Same old familiar faces, all enjoying themselves.

So why blog this, well as it’s a holiday town we live in, and people could be down here in sunny Bognor for all sorts of reasons. If you are here on a Saturday night. Check out our local sports centre and ask about the Arun skate club, or find them on Facebook.

As I  mentioned, a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday night, and if you land at the right time. Then a great child free hour for mums and dads

To the organisers. A big thank you

A Great Free event -1 of 3 ( UK Family Based ) – Edenbridge Bonfire Society

So as we approach Christmas  and all the  usual costs  it brings, I just thought I would let you know about 3  freebies  that  me and the ” oldmanleslie Clan ”  found  this autumn. events  that  are free to attend, some small, some absolutely huge . all good fun, all based in the south

The first of these is the  Edenbridge  Bonfire Society  Annual  event.

A link to their page is here   15749064252_ea220e6e34_m

It’s an event that  the society have been  doing  since the 1930’s  and I have to say , they are pretty good at it

This is held, as the name suggests in Edenbridge  ( Kent ) and forms part of the  group of Bonfire society’s in the area

It’s a great  event, with music, Fire procession,  and all the usual  fair rides  etc ( these Charge ) there should be a load of pictures available  via Flickr Here  I have just taken a couple of examples15745556811_d8ce6a0f9c_z

There are organisations parading that  are collecting for all sorts of charities , the  society involves School children , mums,dads,families &  visitors ( as we were ) are made to feel very welcome , I guess  the only problem with trying to Blog about how good something that is such a sensory  overload, is that  the pictures just don’t do it justice

15561484099_05ddd6e7c9_zAny way, it’s a free to attend event, it’s a great  night  out for families, so I thought I would  pass it on , as always there is a Facebook page that you can like , so you  know when next years event will be . also there are the links on the FB to the various  videos etc


What a brilliant Family Night out & free of charge as well

I had the pleasure of being invited to  Glastonbury this year for Free, i was told about the event by the good people who head up celebration samba …. Now I know that everyone will think  of the Massive music festival, but any one who know me  knows I ” aint  the biggest fan of live music ” so that’s unlikely What I didn’t know is that every year in that part of the world there is a whole series  of Illuminated Processions  that tour the area and  on the last night of the season they get together for a competition  and  ” Tour ” around Glastonbury . It’s a free event, all we had to pay was £3.something for a whole days parking in the town The floats are Amazing 

Glastonbury Carnival 2011 - Jungle dancers


And  as they come past, the heat, Noise and general excitement is Brilliant, Obviously  this has all been caught on you tube ,  but when you are there its a brilliant low-cost day out for  the whole family. my personal favourite was Take a picnic and you wont even have to spend in the shops and restaurants.Although some of these are excellent and not too pricey

One special mention for  which is a shop i certainly hadn’t seen the like of before, it was fascinating . and i would recommend a look in there if you go ” down Glastonbury way “

The homepage for the carnival is and I am sure I will be there next year … hope to see you And just for the record , I’m not part of the committee, or have anything to do with the shop, I’m just sharing what was a brilliant day out

So its less than 50 days to Christmas…….. what are the most popular toys

So Every November we all start looking for ward to the festive season, For some its the religious aspect, for some kids it’s that they get the Hot present of the year . For Mums and dads it all about the family and having a bit of Down time to relax.
Music wise we will all no doubt hear the usual songs over the coming weeks , I hope you enjoy this one i was made aware of a few years ago …..
For the purposes of any one thinking of ” double meanings ” i am listing this as a song about presents .

And just in case you need to get a little ” cheesier ” i am guessing you wont know this one either

Now the important stuff :

The John lewis Most popular toys for christmas 2013   I Know John lewis  John Lewismight not be deemed as the  best toyshop in the world, But they have that certain something that gives a feel of Quality  to their service

Price Match

Somedays you have to think Hard on what to Blog…

Today is not  one of those days.

I’m sure I am just feeling the way that  thousands of dads all around the UK have felt today,  But I am so proud of my No 1 son….. I guess from this point i shall refer to him as youngmanleslie….

He is a good lad, and  always gives his best  at all that he does,

Well today all his  hard work paid off.

He has only gone and got his D of E  Bronze……

Just for the record he has put time in with so many  things  :  Performing in public as part of the band

Littlehampton Shopmobility  , Volunteering  and helping people out

And To Top it all off he has honed his tennis playing

So good to see ” Our  Boy ”  doing good

WELL DONE SON …. Take it all the way 

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not much to report today….

One of those funny days today where not much was good,the weather was seasonally good,just that there wasn’t very much happening the would be worth blogging about. least that is what my day consisted of however my wife and boys really enjoyed a really really good family day out in central london. visited the tower of london and many other of the uk main land marks.apparently also with a bit of planning it’s not too expensive so all in all the leslie’s had a really really good day