A meal that made Business a pleasure ……Shimla Pinks what a great place to eat

I was at the NEC for an exhibition on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and  was fortunate enough to be taken to Shimla Pinks. For our evening meal.


What can I say, the restaurant is huge with plenty of Space, the food was gorgeous, and my only regret is that  we didn’t get the name of what we later found out to be the owner who looked after us. There were 7 of us, we opted for the Banquet arrangement as it gave us a great selection. The venue was true to its word, if you wanted something else you just asked for it. The service was quick, but not in any way intrusive. We went there because our MD had been there many years before, It turned out that the restaurant was still owned by the same people then. I didn’t get to see the bill as it was a company meal, but all i can say is that it was an excellent meal with great service and it made business a pleasure. Anyone who knows me knows, that its not always about the price, sometimes Quality Costs….this wasn’t my money but i suspect it was worth every penny