Rock face Pioneering Formulations – Great products

First of all , a big thank you to the people at Rockface – Pioneering Formulations  for sending me the  products to review, Any one who has seen  this blog will know, “ its all about the sharing ” so  i passed some of the products to the Fellas  that i work with , hoping for feedback.  of the 5 items i passed  out to  the boys, I haven’t heard a bad word from any of them, and be sure, i think they would tell me 

Any way, for the products i  kept for me…..


Active Body spray 

So its taken me a little while to summarise this  product I was sent as with holidays etc i haven’t been around, This Product arrived just before i went on a ten day holiday to  the UAE so I can say from a ” smelling nice ” point of view, it kept the smell of any perspiration down  in 48+C heat. I cant say that the smell of this is beautiful, but it works at what it does,/Product Images/Rockface_Active_Body_Spray i was sent this and  a few other Samples and I would like to know why the likes of Tesco  appear not to have it on their shelves. ( that might  just be in my local stores though  )  its a  good product, it does what it says on the tin, and that’s kind of all you need.It can be bought from  the www 

Its not a substitute for a shower, its not  like a bath, but as the tin says:

Rockface Active Body Spray will keep you fresh and invigorated all day long.  Fling it in your gym bag and spray all over for an instant blast of the fresh citrus Rockface fragrance.  Use with Rockface 48 hour deodorant.

I would give this  a big thumbs up as  a part of  a gents grooming regime, there  are other products that i was sent  at the same time , and they are reviewed below 


Face and Body scrub

I’m not  the most modern ” metrosexual ” man when it comes to grooming, however as it was holidays i though it would give this ago, im not sure if i was using the right amount, or even i f i was doing the right thing with it, but a little bit of the  Face and body scrub left me with just  a little more  than a clean feeling. /Product Images/Rockface_FacescrubEther  it was holidays or not, the feeling on my skin was ” extra clean” and  although im not sure if the smell is supposed to be  the same as the spray , the scent was really nice . 

is this supposed to fit into the grooming regime of a young trendy  man, i guess it probably is, Unfortunately that’s NOT  Oldmanleslie, however  don’t let that stop you buying this from the www 

Or you can win one  from their www page 

I would say that their description ” New Rock face Face & Body Scrub might not be made from rock, but it does in fact contain a substance more durable than rock – a blend of crushed walnut shells and ground rice to produce this unique multitasking scrub – fine enough to ex foliate your face and rough enough to ex foliate your body.

Use Rockface Face & Body Scrub once or twice a week for a really deep clean.  You’ll feel refreshed, invigorated and your skin will sparkle. Infused with the fresh citrus Rockface fragrance, this hard working scrub is all the exfoliator you need.”  Explains the technical side of that  ” clean  feeling i was talking about pretty  well

Post Shave balm 

Not many people maintain  the daily ” shave routine ” whilst on holiday, I know i may  go 2-3 days sometimes, and  when i do shave, its often  harsh  and really stubbly . so  it was quite nice to be able to use /Product Images/Rockface_Post_Shave_Balm a “post shave balm ” on a couple of occasions, for me it seemed to  take the heat out of the shave. Not a really  a lot else  i can say about this other than it felt nice & smooth, that was probably down to the razors.  but it felt ” Nice ” 

the rockface page says ” This smoothing balm is specially formulated with allantoin and aloe vera to hydrate and soothe skin after shaving.  Apply liberally and smooth into the skin.”  and this is  absolutely right. 



So in Summary, whilst Rockface – Pioneering  Formulations  didnt pay for my holiday ,  they didnt carry  my case for me, and they  didnt even help me  dodge a heavy bag charge. They  helped me to feel fresh, tidy , and i guess ready for  any problems that  were presented to me.

The products i have mentioned above for part of a range  Visit our Spotlight section to see great product informationwhich you can see at  and buy from Sainsburys , Superdrug & waitrose 
 its not just a site that’s there to sell product, there is all sorts of advice  about grooming  up there.

All in all, although im sure i am not t their target market, i would say a great range of products, well priced  and nicely packaged 


Stabilo ” SmartBall2.0″

Stabilo ” SmartBall2.0″ , Its a pen, and a touch screen stylus all in one, So you wouldnt imagine that there was a lot to say about a pen, in a review.

Well, thats what i thought, so when the people at BWP Primal asked me to review it it was to be a challenge…..

Not at all, the device is really tactile, the ball is smooth, its ” formed ” to be easy to write with , and it made my writing almost legible.

No having to scribble  to get it started, it worked straight out of the pack

The ” touch screen ” pointer at the other end worked fine with my Phone, and was more accurate than my fingers

The Pen point retracts fully and doesnt operate the  touch screen so you can ” use the wrong end ” 

The Pen comes  securely packed and  would be easy to post, it came through the letter box so no having to go and collect it from the post office ,  It is available  direct from the manufacturer 

Where they claim

“The best of both worlds.

  • STABILO combines smartphone operation with ergonomic writing comfort. The SMARTball 2.0 features an entirely conductive, optimised shaft design which makes it even smarter!”

I would say that is well deserved  and that this device is all that it claims to be, I Was sent this to evaluate  and review. But it really is as we have described ( in my opinion )

So this one has to be a bit special….and it really is

To those that follow my blog, thank you . you will know i haven’t been doing this for very long. You may also appreciate that im not the best at blogging yet. but i am at a significant milestone for “oldmanlesliesblog” so i thought I would use this as an opportunity for something that brings all the areas i mention  together .

I drum,I skate , I let you know if something is good, i support UK manufacturing ‘cos i work for one   , and i love gadgets. So when i went skating  last week  and i saw all the people who were using Lights on their Skates I was impressed.

My first thought  was ” wow that would look great  on my drum ( and yes, i know that’s really sad, but i cant skate as well as the boys & girls that were wearing the lights )

It was weird  because lots of people had them, some  were  quite bright, and were static colours, Some were changing colours automatically  and seemed to me to be a lot brighter…. I did  some digging around and confirmed that in fact these were made by one of the guys at our skate club. so having seen them in action.  I thought I would get me a pair for my drum . I guess these lights can be used just about any where and that is testament to a good product in that it has more than 1 use . There is a www site  for these  which is  where you can find out more.

I know its unusual to blog about a product before you receive it  but having seen these working, i am so looking forward to receiving mine ( which i have paid for , this  is not a sponsored blog )

It simply unites all the key areas of my blog  and i hope you like it

its local to west Sussex with global potential  , built and designed by a Uk Manufacturer ,  a great gadget , Quality product,  & therefore , it’s all about sharing, when something is this good


and if there are other Skate parts you need  


Rockface Shave Butter….What a great claim on the www

So those that know me and have  read my blogs will get a little of a feel for the sort of ” average Jo ” that i am. A forty something  Fella, with a great family  and all  good things around me..Rock Face Shave butter. Great both for shaving and as a moisturiser.

Generally optimistic and always willing to share my thoughts with others. So when i was asked to  review  Rockface Shave Butter, I thought ” why Not ”  I read their www  and thought that their write up sounded Amazing, so i was already  to be Scathing of the product as i have generally used Gillette  products to keep my chin ” un bearded ” …

I have now used this  Rockface shave butter 3 days on the bounce,  which is unusual as i never normally  shave at weekends, all i can say is that my chin has never felt smoother  after a shave, the Idea  of rubbing in the butter when finished and Moisture is brilliant. Although  i  haven’t previously moisturised. and  the smell isn’t bad either .

This product can be bought from the website  at £4.99 a tube, In my opinion its worth every penny of that.

Sure, at the end of the day it’s a gent grooming product, it’s not going to bring about world peace, or set the world on Fire, But for me , its a revolutionary  product that i wasn’t aware of  and i will definitely look out for in the shops


Just to add that I have now used my samples of Rockface shave butter and apart from me obviously using too much per shave, This stuff is really good to use,  I am not sure about the whole” Moisturise thing ” but my chin  feels good to me

Apparently It’s not just me that  thinks so …