Rockface Shave Butter….What a great claim on the www

So those that know me and have  read my blogs will get a little of a feel for the sort of ” average Jo ” that i am. A forty something  Fella, with a great family  and all  good things around me..Rock Face Shave butter. Great both for shaving and as a moisturiser.

Generally optimistic and always willing to share my thoughts with others. So when i was asked to  review  Rockface Shave Butter, I thought ” why Not ”  I read their www  and thought that their write up sounded Amazing, so i was already  to be Scathing of the product as i have generally used Gillette  products to keep my chin ” un bearded ” …

I have now used this  Rockface shave butter 3 days on the bounce,  which is unusual as i never normally  shave at weekends, all i can say is that my chin has never felt smoother  after a shave, the Idea  of rubbing in the butter when finished and Moisture is brilliant. Although  i  haven’t previously moisturised. and  the smell isn’t bad either .

This product can be bought from the website  at £4.99 a tube, In my opinion its worth every penny of that.

Sure, at the end of the day it’s a gent grooming product, it’s not going to bring about world peace, or set the world on Fire, But for me , its a revolutionary  product that i wasn’t aware of  and i will definitely look out for in the shops


Just to add that I have now used my samples of Rockface shave butter and apart from me obviously using too much per shave, This stuff is really good to use,  I am not sure about the whole” Moisturise thing ” but my chin  feels good to me

Apparently It’s not just me that  thinks so …