So, im not just circulating News that has shocked me

As reported on the BBC  News site, So it has been proved by a court of law that Rolf Harris, did all the  things that he was accused of  in the media,

” that nice old Gent ” has been interfering with Children and ruining lives, by smashing  the innocence of childhood  of Children as young as 7 years old. I  personally find this to be abhorrent .

Any one that  knows me will know my opinions on ” child molesters, and Paedophiles”  I will listen to any argument  about it,However I think that  it has been seen so many times in history that Paedophiles are predatory and very dark calculating  creatures, There are very few ways  that they can be stopped, so lock them up , with each other. let the law of the jungle deal with animals. Of course these people are born with human rights, but as soon as they decide to  go looking for Children to abuse, their rights go out of the window.

Any how , this is not my main point tonight. What disgusts me more than any other aspect with all the recent cases  that have been high-profile, is rather than  Skulking around some where in the nasty shadows, the ” celebrity” kiddy fiddlers have sought to get ” acceptance ” and indeed praise for what have appeared to be their life styles.The have targeted  getting close to the royal family, they  have in some cases been honoured for their ” works”

So here is my closing though, the victims of these evil people should  be able to  go through the courts and whilst there is no money that can get undone what has been done, there should be a mechanism  to Bankrupt  the people who have made millions  from being in the public eye. Any legacy  of them , any plaques to name them or commemorate them should be removed . Any donations they have made to charity , or money they have raised  should be matched from their estates, until them, and their families that knew what was going  on ,are Bankrupt. it seems as if Rolf ‘s daughter  isn’t to keen on inheriting any way 


Just for balance, they way it was reported in Australia .. i wonder if this will change

his www has already  gone 

There should be Nothing positive  left  on the planet about  what appears to be an ever-growing list  of people ( Stuart hall, Jimmy saville, Rolf Harris ) ChildLine

Abuse of any child  is wrong,  I so  hope that  the lady that set up Child-line is as “child friendly ” as she appears to be , and that if you know of any child that  you think may be in  need of help, you would  pass them the details for , or contact Child line yourself






a list that may well change over the next few days ..

I wonder how long this page will remain as it is Now, with the news today

Max Clifford

and i wonder when the site will report the news about max clifford


the site is now down,  but if it helps to show people that once you put something on-line, it stays there for ever, even if you think its taken down

My thoughts on…..

Max Clifford…

I’m not commenting on the case. But do you think that anybody who has been dragged through the media because of this vile man, should now be entitled to see him ruined and bankrupt. Should his victims also be entitled to some sort of recompense

As the incidents were with Minors at the time, does this have even more sinister  repercussions.


   As reported on the sky news page  PR guru Max Clifford has been found guilty of a string of sex attacks on teenage girls.The 71-year-old became the first person to be convicted under the high-profile Operation Yewtree sex crime investigation at Southwark Crown Court.He was found guilty of eight indecent assaults, cleared of two and the jury was unable to reach a verdict on one other.The guilty verdicts relate to four women, aged between 15 and 19 at the time of the offences, between 1978 and 1984.The verdicts were taken in a hushed but packed courtroom, given by the forewoman of the jury on its eighth day of deliberations.Clifford sat still in the dock as the jury forewoman returned the verdicts.

What Makes it worse , in my mind is that  he knew  in 2012 that laws were being broken, children were being hurt and abused and  he did nothing about it to inform the police . He actively shielded the other paedophiles from the media   as reported on  but now only after he has been found out does he choose to  do something about it