Its Only a tune……………. so why does it pick me up and take me somewhere

ell, we all made it to the weekend,  Its been a good week, the boys seem to be enjoying the hols ( Doh )  and  there is a threat  that the sun may come back out to shine for a few days so that’s a bonus….

I blogged before, that  I’m a forty something year old fella, that  on the whole does Ok for himself and his family.  Today  i was woken on the alarm clock by the UK radio station  BBC radio 1………. same as every other morning , except this morning it was the jungle book playing at 6.30 so that put me in a good mood …….and then after ” snooze time ” the breakfast show was live  from  Ibiza ……Not a part  of the world i have had the pleasure of going to , always  fancied it, not got around  to it though…


Any how ,  dad dancing  while dressing , not a pretty sight, but  enjoyable, driving the arduous 4 miles to work,  and then 1.5 hours of radio 1 at work . playing all the old tracks I loved, what a great way to start the day off…… but only online for 7 days

One they didn’t play, i wished they had

Listen BBC Radio 1 via “The Radio”

Listen BBC Radio 1 via “The Radio” (Photo credit: [ Mooi ])

, and  a simple question ” how can music  feel like its picking you up and

taking you  away to a good place ? ”


have a great weekend