Somedays you have to think Hard on what to Blog…

Today is not  one of those days.

I’m sure I am just feeling the way that  thousands of dads all around the UK have felt today,  But I am so proud of my No 1 son….. I guess from this point i shall refer to him as youngmanleslie….

He is a good lad, and  always gives his best  at all that he does,

Well today all his  hard work paid off.

He has only gone and got his D of E  Bronze……

Just for the record he has put time in with so many  things  :  Performing in public as part of the band

Littlehampton Shopmobility  , Volunteering  and helping people out

And To Top it all off he has honed his tennis playing

So good to see ” Our  Boy ”  doing good

WELL DONE SON …. Take it all the way 

CLICK ME for advice from your “Oldmanleslie”

there has to be some event in here to take your Kids to this holiday and alledgedly they are all ” free” good luck

let me know how you get on  the events seem to be throughout the year as well so it might be good to use  in the autumn  and beyond


Not so much to report this week …..

Just so y'all know, This was one of the band performances last year ( 2012 ) and this is one of the reasons I love it so much

a bit of an insight into Me……

So here we are again, another week passed, and what a weekend it has been in our house…. A children’s birthday party,  a band performance that went very well, a sleepless night ( by choice )  and  still time to take a breath and blog it all…..Thoughts turn now to a couple of things, why did the media take delight in informing us last week that we have 10 years of  irrational weather  ahead of us , and  secondly , how soon before the shops start selling Christmas goods…..

Heres hoping for sunny days and lots of them over the summer

Lots of people getting hot and really feeling summery, as it lifts peoples spirits generally