£5.00 for Nothing…too good to be true , but its Good to see Ikea doing their bit extra for the environment

Again, Found on the web, when I was looking for offers that could help people in other parts of the country. This one is Still UK only ( sorry to the rest of the world ) but it seems to be a genuine way of getting a £5.00 voucher to spend in Ikea if you are near the Bristol store

Take back one of their old catalogues to store and get £5.00 to spend in store

I guess it saves some of the old catalogues going to landfill , Knowing Ikea, they will probably recycle them into a wardrobe or some other flat-pack wonder

Valid in IKEA store in Bristol between 1st – 30th September 2013

Only one catalogue per customer can be used. £5 Voucher will only be issued by a co-worker at Checkouts Supervisor desk when the main IKEA Catalogue 2013 is returned, no other catalogue or brochure will be subject to this offer.

Follow the link, according to the feedback, there are other stores and branches doing similar

Not a sponsored post, just something I thought it would be good to share


What a way to spend a week off…

So, my first blog post, What a scary thought, how to complete it, will any one actually  see it. I guess the only way to find out is to give it a go and see….

Had this week just past off from Tempcon   and this year as a family  we decided to have what they call in the UK  a “Stay-Cation “. Managed to get a few things done that we wanted around the house, Didn’t need the usual trip to B&Q  as  the cold & bad weather that we have had previously  meant No gardening.

Obviously being off meant yesterday was clear  for a spot of drumming with the band  which is always good .

A day out with the family at Chessington  went down well. In fact tempered with a couple of sessions  for the number one son  at the Driving School  and a spot of retail therapy at Ikea as number two son loves the hot-dogs  it hasn’t been a bad week off.

And then to top it all off, I followed  the example and started to do  some of the on-line Competitions  that a friend and a cousin had been doing for a while  & knowing that they had  won  things i was optimistic

I got my first win. Dont worry it not a life changer

Any how, that’s probably a bad attempt at a first blog, but  we all have to start somewhere