Disgusting service and an extra that I really really didn’t want

So as people read my blog will know during the school holidays we like to go out for a little bit of take away food every now and again we had previous bad experiences with our local kfc and we thought we would pop in yesterday and give it a try just to see how good it was and to establish that the experience we had had was isolated however this turned out not to be the case we ordered our food and it was all put together and delivered reasonably quickly sat down we drank we talked just enjoyed our lunch early and it was only when i came to pick up my drink at the end of my mail to have a drink i thought it was strange that there was a big lump of ice left in the bottom of a cup so i lift the lid on the cup and found that it was not ice in there it was actually part of the drinks machine that Han fallen into my cup nobody had noticed it and it had been served to me I questioned with the people in the restaurant how this thing has been cleaned what detergent have been used what chemicals have been used and therefore because it has been in my drink what i had therefore ingested nobody was forth coming with any information at all


my suggestion would be with regards to kentucky fried chicken in bognor regis the drive thru is given a very very wide berth

I have to add that i was refunded the cost of my meal and therefore i cannot complain about the price charged but i feel that the service i was given in my opinion was disgusting


I have obviously asked the restaurant for a full feedback in writing i don’t anticipate i will hear from them they did ask me to return the item to them which i haven’t done and i’ll wait to hear from kfc head office

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first one of the Holidays…in future i will take pictures


its the weekend, and its sunny, and its the school hols. so why not. suddenly realising that KFC portions are getting smaller  if you don’t ” go large” and they are candidates for the  ” nice enough tasting, but looks nothing like the picture ” 1st prize


I looked at the picture  of what i thought i was getting,  and realised  when my food came out , one main reason why Bloggers  take pictures of their food. What i got was nothing at all like the picture.

Over the summer holidays we are  going to be in a few different places so i guess we will get to see  if  its just a local thing to the Bognor Regis drive through  ” near halfords ” that should be avoided  if you are here on holidays 



Dont they make enough money any way ….

So  there was Mrs Oldmanleslie  & I  out for the afternoon  ” sans ” children, it doesn’t happen very often, but the opportunity presented itself , so we grabbed it.  Nice sunny  Sussex afternoon. Like  a lot of people , off to the local retail park for a bit of  retail therapy.

Popped into the local KFC  for a spot of late lunch,  and although un necessary as it was, it was very nice. But this isn’t me telling the world how Nice KFC is, you can formulate your own opinions on that ,

It’s a comment on ” big brand ”  customer service . The issue is this , I paid Cash for my  bits, and as they didn’t have the ” coins in the till” they asked me if it was Ok to Short  change me ….. ( only 2P )  so it’s not the amount i was worried about , it’s the principal.. so whilst  chatting to Mrs Oldmanleslie  over our chicken i was thinking…..2P per person, 100 people an hour ,24 hours a day  from one branch in a small town……….. and of course  it doesn’t  take long to get to a significant ” extra profit ”

So I pushed the matter  when I had finished  and asked for the  change  to be given back to me , the lady had to check 3 tills to get  the money,  she looked at me with such disbelief  that I was actually asking for it,  but in the end she did  give it to me , so I  put it ( and some more change from my pocket in the charity pot )

So again, I ask….. Why should the big international brand always expect the customer to take the hit when they  don’t get it right, im sure there are many reasons NOT to have  a bag of pennies in a store….

And  just for the record, I do Enjoy KFC, and YES, they did exactly the same to the person that came in after me