Pentel EnerGel 0.7 Blue

So times when you see stuff on Facebook and click, you wonder where it all goes, Well  i saw a link, clicked it and i actually WON something.

It turned up today, Photo: **GIVEAWAY TIME** All you have to do is fill in the blanks 'My .......... is .........handed and has terrible handwriting!!<br /><br /><br />
The first 250 people to 'Like, share and tell us who you know that has bad handwriting and if they're lefties or righties WINS an EnerGel X! It's as simple as that…I think it looks pretty sleek, it works well, and  yes, i know its only a pen, but it feels comfortable to write with 

The pentel FB page is here  and I’m guessing there will be more competitions.

I wasn’t sent the pen to review, but it seems pretty good, and comfortable.  So i thought i would give it a few lines, any how,…

Available from the Pentel Site   this doesn’t seem too expensive. and as mine is  now living in Mrs Oldmanleslie’s Bag , so i guess i wont get to use it again  I may need to buy  one


Stabilo ” SmartBall2.0″

Stabilo ” SmartBall2.0″ , Its a pen, and a touch screen stylus all in one, So you wouldnt imagine that there was a lot to say about a pen, in a review.

Well, thats what i thought, so when the people at BWP Primal asked me to review it it was to be a challenge…..

Not at all, the device is really tactile, the ball is smooth, its ” formed ” to be easy to write with , and it made my writing almost legible.

No having to scribble  to get it started, it worked straight out of the pack

The ” touch screen ” pointer at the other end worked fine with my Phone, and was more accurate than my fingers

The Pen point retracts fully and doesnt operate the  touch screen so you can ” use the wrong end ” 

The Pen comes  securely packed and  would be easy to post, it came through the letter box so no having to go and collect it from the post office ,  It is available  direct from the manufacturer 

Where they claim

“The best of both worlds.

  • STABILO combines smartphone operation with ergonomic writing comfort. The SMARTball 2.0 features an entirely conductive, optimised shaft design which makes it even smarter!”

I would say that is well deserved  and that this device is all that it claims to be, I Was sent this to evaluate  and review. But it really is as we have described ( in my opinion )