And once again . Lego ( a massive multinational ) show the rest how Customer service should be done

I have blogged many times about how good Lego is as a brand.  Well i think that this  one is  really amazing, Just think of how many children  have received Lego all over the UK, and  Europe this Christmas . possibly lost  a piece or had one damaged 


Well, Lego  seem to have that covered. the site is pretty self-explanatory   and  it does exactly as it says on the page


I found the offer on HUKD  with the guidance from the original poster of …….

Quite a few sets to choose from, type the model number in the box and Select your part(s)

Ideal for lost, broken or missing parts.

I’ve just ordered a couple of parts which my child has lost.

I’ve confirmed with a Lego rep over the phone and asked if any charge and they said no.

can call to confirm Tel: 00800 5346 5555 (Free via landline mobiles may charge)

We are available 9am – 5pm (GMT) Monday – Friday.