So this one has to be a bit special….and it really is

To those that follow my blog, thank you . you will know i haven’t been doing this for very long. You may also appreciate that im not the best at blogging yet. but i am at a significant milestone for “oldmanlesliesblog” so i thought I would use this as an opportunity for something that brings all the areas i mention  together .

I drum,I skate , I let you know if something is good, i support UK manufacturing ‘cos i work for one   , and i love gadgets. So when i went skating  last week  and i saw all the people who were using Lights on their Skates I was impressed.

My first thought  was ” wow that would look great  on my drum ( and yes, i know that’s really sad, but i cant skate as well as the boys & girls that were wearing the lights )

It was weird  because lots of people had them, some  were  quite bright, and were static colours, Some were changing colours automatically  and seemed to me to be a lot brighter…. I did  some digging around and confirmed that in fact these were made by one of the guys at our skate club. so having seen them in action.  I thought I would get me a pair for my drum . I guess these lights can be used just about any where and that is testament to a good product in that it has more than 1 use . There is a www site  for these  which is  where you can find out more.

I know its unusual to blog about a product before you receive it  but having seen these working, i am so looking forward to receiving mine ( which i have paid for , this  is not a sponsored blog )

It simply unites all the key areas of my blog  and i hope you like it

its local to west Sussex with global potential  , built and designed by a Uk Manufacturer ,  a great gadget , Quality product,  & therefore , it’s all about sharing, when something is this good


and if there are other Skate parts you need  


What a brilliant weekend ….so far

This has been a truly brilliant week ,  work has been good, then again it usually is in the summer, Lots of meetings planned for the coming months and  an exhibition coming up  that i think is going to be good.  Met with some relations that I hadn’t seen for a while this week as well.  I cant name them here, but if i say all the very best to Mason, i can send them a link ( isnt  the www wonderful)

And then it was Saturday,  a trip up to Crawley to  an event called the Crawley Mela ( what a cultural eye opener that was for me ) thanks to Jan & Ivan  ( another link i will have to send …)


Home in time for number 01 son to go skating without me, not a problem as im sure i inhibit him. he is just too good to say so

A lay in this morning, a leisurely day  of not  doing much at all really

My good lady  made a lovely tea tonight.

And a few minutes blogging  before i go out into the garden

Hope your weekends have been as enjoyable as mine , and if you  have kids off school on long holidays , don’t forget

Have a great week

Today has been one of those ” good ” days

Burgess Hill Bonfire Parade

Burgess Hill Bonfire Parade (Photo credit: sjr60)

Well, today has  definitely been one of those  good days, The band  have performed again , in glorious sunshine. No prize this time but you cant win them  all i guess….The country is still  sunny with a long range forecast not to change….So yes, things are good.

This got me thinking back into  history  for a couple of things…..

  • we now live in a ” nanny State ” where we have to tell people that its sunny and almost instantly issue a warning about heat. if this Is the case, then why do most Brits try to go somewhere sunnier  in the summer .
  • its not just the warnings we get about the heat , cold, rain, etc etc …we have  become way to politically correct  in our approach  for example if one of these gents did what the media say  he did , then that was wholly wrong and a sentence should be passed. however, does that mean that the humour that was funny at the time isn’t funny now. Never forget that basic principle of innocent until proven Guilty
  • the sad News that Mel Smith has passed away. this reminds me that  he was part of the original  move  from Un PC comedy in the 80’s….one of lifes funny men… . is all of his comedy still deemed Ok to broadcast

Any way, a good session  of skating  with the Clan  and  just time to blog a little

What an excellent & productive Day ……

Happy Saint Georges day to you all, For anyone that has been out on a procession, or a march , or just celebrating  the day , i hope you enjoyed it. I’m lucky that round  this part of the world there is an active scout group that  takes the Children for a march each year  and I’m generally lucky enough to join them and walk with them . So that was a nice way to start the day. Then its time after the march to come home and  decide that the grass needs a cut in the garden , Venture to get the mower out and find that it does actually start so  you never know , i might get another season out of it …  Then a trip to the tip to get rid  of the bags of rubbish, left it late enough so  it was straight in  & out Job , no messing around ion a queue….. Top this with meeting  one of the people i work with in town for a coffee, purely  by chance, the first decent bit of sunshine for more than 20 minutes, and a lazy Saturday afternoon after a busy morning in the shop   to boot, it hasn’t been a bad weekend.

Only thing i have to look to get done this week is get some awareness  of the forthcoming Marathon that  i am involved in  at Good wood Motor circuit, but  i will blog that  seperatly .

Hope you have had a good weekend too……….

A spot of advice please from long time bloggers……….

Today has been a good day ,  Out for a spot of late lunch at Nandos with the folks and the kids, After a lie in this morning, popped to see an old friend  who is going through a bit of a time at the moment and found that all is OK.  a few more details sorted out for the  efforts on the south coast roll

Now just chilling ready for the normal 9 to 5 tomorrow ( which I don’t actually mind )

My question is, and i would appreciate a spot of advice on this,

Should a personal blog be separate from a professional blog , what is considered the right thing…..

  • If I have something of interest from my  professional  world , should I blog it ?
  • If a blogger is looking for support for an idea for a product would they look to personal blog ?
  • Should i make requests  for information  on personal blogs ?

I think i have it summed up here.

Not Much happening on a rainy day on the coast, at least we’ve got Talent

So it  should be a nice thought, the idea of waking up on a spring morning and  taking a stroll along the coast, thinking of summer to come, and long days & lazy evenings…..

The reality is that for 13/4/13 in  my little part of the world, its dismal, raining, a bit blustery and not  good weather for a tan .. So not really much to blog about  other than:

  • a couple of competitions entered
  • a great deal  offered on ice cream for  a summer event  ( i will let you know about the event )
  • looking forward to  a bit of skating after a meal
  • watching Britain’s Got Talent , as the first one always has the best of the worst on it

I’m not promising to blog Daily but to those that are already following my attempts, Thank you

A little something that might just do some good.

At this years SouthCoastRoll 

A group of 4 of us are aiming to ” roll” a marathon at good wood motor circuit , the rules are that we can’t use anything with a motor, or a bike so at the moment 3 of us are roller skating and 1 is using a skate board…..

None of us are what you would call hard-core skaters,we Just  skate for a bit of fun really at the local Skate Club on a weekly basis.

We thought that it might be good to try to raise a bit of sponsorship for a local charity into the bargain, so we chose a charity  that unfortunately  is close to our hearts.  We have had a donation buttonput  on the homepage of the charity   where you can pay a sponsorship  via   Paypal    if you feel like supporting any of us, or you are welcome to come and see us on the day.

The best part about this is that 3 of the 4 of the group are children  who are giving up their time . We have a target to raise enough money to buy a Mobility scooter that can be used by the Charity to raise  more money via hire. The more we can raise the more we can give them. 

All we raise will go to the Charity  for use in the UK at The Mobility shop, you can email them if you want to find out about the good work they do.

If the button hasn’t worked for you and you want to donate, drop an email address to me  and an amount to donate and I can send you an invoice  by email

Thanks very much for your time,support & Donation