Start up UK manufacturer…now there’s something you don’t hear very often

My Blog says that i will Generally support UK manufacturers, I get requests from what turn out to be Resellers, NOT Manufacturers. I know everyone needs support, I just like the idea of backing The UK Manufacturers.

I had the fortune to run across the Man who Is  at a local Skating Club last week .  He Makes these wonderful things from the component level  up …

Light kits for  can be manufactured for

The Web  has pictures Videos and all the usual things that you would expect. The thing that impressed me was the  brightness of the lamps as opposed to some of the other that we see at the club

If this  is something that you like the look of, then contact them direct or drop me your details and i will pass them on directly .

I just want to add that i haven’t been given a set of these  to review, I am not involved with the selling of them. I just think that when something  is as good as these are, and they are UK manufactured , then its worth trying to get the word out there

Let me know your thoughts below