Lots of Gifty ideas for Christmas, is it too early to be telling people

Just a short one tonight,  Im not sure on the whole idea of when its to early  to tell people about Christmas ideas. Some people have it all taken care of , just after the  previous  year. some leave it to the last minute.

Any How, Just to let you know that the  Nice people behind Shabby Chic  ( on  the web ) have started putting up their  offerings for Christmas, Nice ideas, cool things .


Some of their more Christmassy things are here 

Just to remind you , This is NOT a paid Blog,  I have not received goods for it

Its just for a business that does good things and its worth telling people about


Could be Just what you need in the run up to Christmas..

So we all know that Christmas is a time for giving, its the season for parties, getting together with friends. and Good times. so how about a  business that  combines most of the above.

Shabby Chic Home Boutique


Based on the south coast of England and offering a Mixed range of great gift  ideas for Christmas or Any time of the year

Shabby Chic Home Boutique

Their face book Page  will show you a lot of what they do,

The idea is that you get a few friends together and they will come and help you with a party to show you their products.  Maybe a glass of the  seasons vintage  with friends


They aren’t a ” new kid on the block” having  traded successfully for  3 years

They wont bombard you with emails on a daily basis like some on-line businesses

They can do mail  order if you see something specific that you like


I have used their products and that’s why I know they are worth recommending.

This is NOT a sponsored Blog