what a great part , of a great holiday

Clan ” oldmanleslie” like to have time away as a family, and whilst the boys still appreciate it  and seem to enjoy it , it does get harder to find something that we can all do together. This is because there is  an 8 year gap  between ” the boys ”

This year , for a  cheap holiday  in august, we decided to go back to Dubai . we  have been before , we know what to expect. we stayed at the  “Zabeel Saray ” …there are other blogs  here about the holiday .


The one is specifically about  ” the spa ” as i think its worth shouting about.

Usually a spa is a bout  ” me time ” for relaxing , however in the case of the that’s not strictly true, it was ” me time ” for me and my  Number 01 son. who was old enough to come in with me we were staying at he Jumeriah Zabeel saray.We discovered that the spa was actually part of the hotel, it was excellent. The facilities here are excellent, there are just the perfect amount of staff to be helpful yet not intrusive . all the usual pools, relaxations, steam. saunas etc etc. and then for us, the best feature. a snow room for use after a sauna.

No fee for hotels guests for the main facilities and it seemed to be open every time we wanted it

separate facilities for males / females of course, so i cant comment on the ladies facilities

We found that the spa was just right as an escape from the august sunshine, and also a perfect way to relax a little after a hard day touring the beautiful city of Dubai. and provided  all we needed for a great bit of ” father son Bonding ”


Please excuse using ” web photos” obviously no cameras allowed  in the spa  & i have listed this in freebies-that-i-have-found as its complementary  for hotel guests

Lea Marston Hotel & Spa – Sutton Cold field ( UK )

Stayed at this place on Wednesday night, it was for business and the hotel was booked for me. I had room 10 and can comment that :
room was big enough, clean enough and had the usual tea & coffee-making facilities so not too bad there i guess. A quiet room, far enough away from any roads i could leave the window openHotels Warwickshire


There was WiFi available but the procedure to get on it was so long-winded, 2 calls via the internal phone just rang through un answered.
the food in the evening at dinner was Ok , i personally would not rate it as 4 star.
When i went to question reception about the wifi , it was just a case of ” that’s what we offer….”
Not even a ” would you like us to register you here ” or anything else that could help me…..

so off i went into the spa

WOW really help full staff, gorgeous clean changing facilities, the pool was just what was needed at the end of the day , and with a ” side order ” of sauna & steam room” absolutely brilliant.Sutton Coldfield Spa

The spa even lent me £1.00 for the locker, spa days birminghamreally sorry i didn’t take the young guys name behind the desk. It was Wednesday evening and he was REALLY helpful