Hot, Spicey . and very very Nicey

Hot, Spicey . and very very Nicey

Hot, Spicy . and very very Nicey , I know we have lots of savouries in the UK already, But I saw these and thought, I bet they are nice, What do you know, I was right.

Crunchy, Hot, Meaty tasting , apparently very big in the German / USA markets.

I wont give you the boring facts, figures and ingredients, you can get those from the web

£3.44 a bag ( Amazon always charge over the odds ) or I paid £1.65 from Sparks yard I’m sure they would work something out on the postage for you

What a great idea, but you will have to be quick

I saw today on the web an opportunity that I couldn’t resist  having a go at,  Any one that knows me knows that ” it’s all about the sharing ” so even if it decreases my  chance of winning , I thought I would share  the opportunity
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Who are offering ” Win £750 for your ‘Big Night In”

The link should be here :  or you can look directly on their site

All you have to do  is  blog what you  would describe as your perfect night IN. and if yours is one of the best  blogs, you win. You can get terms  and conditions  from their site

Anyway : Here goes, let me know your thoughts.

English: Fireworks

English: Fireworks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About 14 years ago  in the close that we were living in at the time, there were a lot of young families like us ( i wasn’t even oldmanleslie back then )  and there was a lot of what i would call good old fashioned Community spirit.  I’m not quite sure where the idea originally  came from  but  the suggestion was made that as we had some land at the end of the close that wasn’t any ones, and there were a lot of Children in the close , wouldn’t it be nice to get together  for a Fireworks Party. Well we did this , and  although we have moved  house since, and started doing the same thing here at the new place  we have found that we still see some of the old faces. It’s always been informal, it may sound  a bit daft, but the Mums  talk to each other and  food on the night gets sorted, it’s always yummy hot dogs and the like…the dads talk , and it seems that a load of beer & wine turns up. Although the  rules say  that any one lighting doesn’t drink.. and the increasing numbers of  kids turn up , with their mates. We have  kids of 2/3 years old  who look enchanted by the fire works, we have  teenagers that are so cool,  yet they still like to draw their names with sparklers . We have  mums, & dads that are  old enough to have  perfected the ” oooooooohs ”  and  ” wooooows” as the rockets go up ( apparently its to encourage the kiddies )  and  we have the ” older ” set that  come because it s nice to get together ” like we always used to ” in the street.

We have a lot of things, but most of all  with everyone chipping in , WE  have a great time 

There is always a very keen eye on safety  as there are little kiddies there  and fireworks can be dangerous. Plenty of buckets of water and safe places  behind walls to hide .The Main reason i guess that we keep doing this each time is to try to maintain the community spirit. Show the children  a nice get together in a safe environment ( the little ones watch from INSIDE the conservatory )  and  only come out at the end for sparklers.


English: Film Festival Zlín opening party fire...


I hope that we are successful in winning  this  competition  as it would be a real boost, However as  I mentioned at the start, its all about the sharing  & this event is something that we will be doing.

I don’t think it costs any single family  a lot of money, and no one HAS to bring  anything they dont want to , but it appears to work well and so far  so good no accidents or incidents

If I were successful in winning the blog, I would spend the money on the  fireworks for 1 year to make  it really special for the kids. And a few extra special fireworks would make it  special for  the dads as well

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