Bit of a 1 hit wonder…..But what a wonder

So all the good plans to blog a few things that have happened over the last few days, and things that the oldmanleslie clan are looking forward to ….go right out of the window when I realise, I love the tunes, and whilst they don’t sound as good, And I have it on vinyl some where … tube is great for memories and instant access

happy ” dancing like a loon “

Not what i expected…………. But Brilliant

So last year , the maistre of the band i drum in Suggested that we had a ” trip out ” and some of you will have seen by blog about the Night. it was free, great, a lot of fun, and  an annual event . For me , on the night , apart from being with “ the band ” and not having to perform, it was being in Glastonbury, a quaint English town, and hearing  Sham 69 Blaring through the night

2 good things happened today

So following on from my Horrible day yesterday £40.00 to travel 100 miles on public transport in horrible cramped conditions, I was out there again today in the big wide world, ironically about the same mileage, but under my own steam. I actually got 48 MPG from the car and that was mostly Town  driving , so in direct cost £13.00 of fuel covered it . and I could talk  to people ( hands free of course , as it came as standard )  without the fear of someone in the carriage listening to me  so the Difference was I enjoyed every single mile , which put me in a better frame of mind for each meeting….. this must be what they term ” advancement through technology

My car, My radio , and one of my favourites of ALL time played. enjoyed it so much, had to come home, you tube it and find 9.00 minutes plus of sheer indulgence

all in all , I had a great day so if there is ” karma” I Hope you have had a great day too

Enjoy the tune,


“Could this be the next gangnam style ” they look better than Psy ( in my opinion )

Im way to old to be listening to this stuff, but im loving the bass line in this …i found it at 600,000 + views in todays terms thats only just begun, i guess it will go into the millions…

Enjoy ………..

What a perfect friday ” Noise ” Happy valentines day

the perfect antidote to al the valentine’s day commercialism,
Topless people, Cracking Tune, No mention of love, roses, chocolates or other stuff associated to Valentines day ….

Just a brilliant track, from Pendulum

I would so love to be able to Mix ……

I admire those that can, it’s just something i never got around to learning. I don’t know if this guy is good, or bad on a technical level, But what Seminal tunes he mixes…… from the old skool we would say ” No fillers ” The mix isn’t mine, all credit to the DJ though ,

And to the Prodigy for the tunes……….Thank you

So How Many Music formats do you span…

at the time , one of my favourite tracks on the first album that my girlfriend at the time ( Now “mrs Oldmanleslie” for a long time bought me ) ….. It was played to almost breaking in the car at the time , and i think finally the cassette player managed to chew it up , I couldn’t even repair it with a Bic Biro.
It just made me realise, i have a vinyl collection 7,12 inch and albums that sound great , a stack of CD’s and still a few tapes that i can no longer play , Various hard drives of MP3 tracks , and little Micro SD cards in the car ….
And of course like the link at the top , i can tap into non existent music that is streamed…..  But i never had any 8 tracks

So whats the next format do we think

still sounds good, to me any way ” boss drum ”

used to be on of my old fave raves ……..


and then it was just 3 clicks away to  I wonder if i was always destined to find solice in a drum 


You Know Christmas is just around the corner when……

Some people wait for the first christmas carol on the radio, some look for the coca cola truck… one of my Faves for this time of year ( and its not even meant to be festive ) is this one…..

How clever are turkeys ?


So its less than 50 days to Christmas…….. what are the most popular toys

So Every November we all start looking for ward to the festive season, For some its the religious aspect, for some kids it’s that they get the Hot present of the year . For Mums and dads it all about the family and having a bit of Down time to relax.
Music wise we will all no doubt hear the usual songs over the coming weeks , I hope you enjoy this one i was made aware of a few years ago …..
For the purposes of any one thinking of ” double meanings ” i am listing this as a song about presents .

And just in case you need to get a little ” cheesier ” i am guessing you wont know this one either

Now the important stuff :

The John lewis Most popular toys for christmas 2013   I Know John lewis  John Lewismight not be deemed as the  best toyshop in the world, But they have that certain something that gives a feel of Quality  to their service

Price Match

B* Witched

hey hey hey , i’ll huff…………….

so is it bad to blog about a tune that pops up that you had forgotten, all i was doing was a shuffle whilst blogging.

” im a wolf today ” love it

happy Sunday

So Whats in a title, well  quite often , not a lot, but in this one, well there is a link to a piece of music that is so seminal to me , its up there on the list  for  tunes to be carried out in a box to ….

I know the  purists out there wont like this, but  for me… just does the trick




almost 90 million Hits, Cant be bad

If you have seen my posts today, you’ll see Im in a reflective , sort of quiet mood. before the hassles that come tomorrow ….
The internet first introduced me to this track, i keep coming back to it, i’ve shown my kids, i’ve sung it to one of them ( scary thought )

any how 90 000000 hits almost and its not Psy / Bieber/ Britney spears/ 1D
if you like it, enjoy

just think at the time how ” A list ” was Ali……5 minutes wait is nothing for the look on his face

Not sure how many are going to see this one, would welcome your comments.

Its before PC, it has to be worth a look

Music is important to me , but comedy this good gets it every time


Showtek Booyah

So there was me , a forty something, respectable father of 2, driving back to base…. just thought i would give BBC radio 1 a listen… “OMG i believe is the expression” i loved it …and i managed to hold the speed down during the ” loud Bit ”

Better mix here ( in my opinion )




Just so i can type in ” shut your mouth and look at my wad ” as it seems so wrong

For those that remember the last time we were out of recession, and how the good times rolled….. the news papers tell us we are clear of recession in the UK , but some how it doesn’t feel as good as it did then …..


If you want the full version with the lovely line at the start 

What a great way to spend a few hours

Went for the first time today to the recently opened Splash point in Worthing..had spent many years telling my eldest son how daft i used to be on the diving boards at the baths ( crystal palace ) when i was a kid… so i wanted to see if i was still as daft….. Fortunately for me, i wasn’t , but i was pleased to see that there were some pretty good divers there. Got home and found this posted online

To the lads that dive, may you never tire of it…
To the staff at the pool, may you never tire of seeing it

The pool is excellent, clean, and tidy.

all in all a greatway to spend a couple of hours having proper old school fun 

Ellice – No Passengers……. but I’m a little Biased on the video

So yes, it’s a catchy tune. Not X Factor based, Nice singer, but most important i want to tell the world about it as it was Directed by James Atkinson. Filmed by James Atkinson. Assisted by Leo Atkinson.  Filmed on location and The Jailhouse, Hereford.

Performed by Ellice.

So why is all this Important i hear you ask, Well, its  a pride thing, Because James is one of my cousins boys.  Running his own  media organisation, this isn’t the  first music video he has done. He always does a good Job, and  this could be one of those  that in the future people refer to as his ” early work ” before he became famous…

Any how, thats enough from Me. James  & JDA Media are easy  to get hold of. Based in the UK in Worcestershire

Thanks for your time

Another majorly Influential piece in my youth

, and only now do i feel like im ” fishing in the rivers of life “………….. enjoy.


I thought it was just a nice place in a good song, but apparently  its ” internet true ”