Ovoball  –  a great toy for a dog…. Time and a small puppy will tell

This is one that I think I’m going to have to keep updated because having just recently got a new puppy dog for the Oldman Leslie family we are trying to find Indestructible toys for it to play with

Our dog is only a small cocker spaniel however as it’s a puppy it’s got so much energy
So when we were recommended Ovo balls we thought we’d give them a try they are very bright and colourful and they squeak. are very soft and they squeak … Did I mention, they squeak…so I’m sure that for a dog or puppy this is absolute bliss

There are four Ovo balls this in a pack

I’m not sure where you can buy them on the high street but I know my wife bought them online  for  £11.00 and they come in an egg box

First impressions are the hours of fun as  the hound absolutely loves them but we will see how durable are

watch this space and thanks for reading my blog


As we have now had the Ovo ” eggs ”  for a few weeks, I think I’m happy to say these are Puppy proof, I can’t blame the loss of one of the four on quality. Our puppy loves them  and  I hope she gets may more hours of play from them.. and  yes, 2 of the remaining 3   still squeak


Just to add that we did buy these we were not sent them for free they were not a trial and our opinions will be honest