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Disco Stu is in the mix

#Lockdown really has brought out the best in people, sure, most of us have directly, or know some one who has suffered loss of a friend or loved one. Our lives on a daily basis have changed , in some cases beyond anything that we could have expected . Figures for all the bad things that are happening all over the world ( Cases, Tests , positives, negatives and alike are all fluctuating)

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Then after so many months in the UK we get the good news that there might be light at the end of the tunnel with the #vaccine that has been developed. Time will tell if this has the massively postive effect that we all hope it will.

Thats not the purpose of this blog, what I wanted to draw attaention to is a very Specific Individual. Not a massive corporate , or a multinational . But in my small home town of BognorRegis in West Sussex in the UK is a gent .

He goes by the name of ” Disco Stu ” and all through lock down he has been playing a Disco set for any one that wants to tune in ( if thats the right expression ) . recently using the Mixcloud Platform

His mixes for the last few months can be found here and if you like Music from the 1960’s to 2021, if you have a couple of hours to fill, have a look and a listen , you might like it

Why is this unusual , Well disco Stu is doing all this for free, no charges to listen. No complex subscription , no monthly charge , Just a gent ” spinning tunes ” .

A very local Blog, A very Kind Guy . That we can all share all over the world via the gift of the internet

We all hope that the effects of #covid will ease soon, however if we have to cope with Tier 1,2,3 or what ever comes around the corner next . Then it will just be that little bit easier knowing we can go to the virtual ” disco ” on a saturday night , e@Chat with new people , listen to some cool tunes ( he does requests)

Make sure you drop in , Genarally 08.00PM saturday night at the link here https://www.mixcloud.com/live/AfterDarkDisco/

Some times Cheesy,Some times Trendy, sometimes so retro . But always with a sense of fun….

Just to be clear , we werent paid to promote this , its just that when something or some one goes that little bit extra to please people & cheer them up , it would be wrong not to share.

I have to say thank you to a friend of mine for malking me aware of Disco Stu.

Back when we thought he might end up doing three or four weeks ( who knew )

” Disco Stu is in the mix ” is the shout you will hear…

And Just for future reference , Y’all can book him after the restrictions are lifted
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Update 03/04/2021 Disco Stu is has moved on from lockdown , watch this space for the new links

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What a brrr….illiant day out for a tier 2 lockdown- Planet Ice Gosport – Hampshire ( UK )

When I was a very much younger ” oldmanleslie ” I used to hear of people describing Halcyon Saturday Mornings at the Pictures with their friends. Well when I am recounting, my Saturday mornings will be ” the ones we used to spend at the Rink “…We were even able to go there during the 2020 pandemic.

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So why Blog this, well it’s nice to find somewhere that I can say feels like it has just the right Balance of Social distancing in place to keep a venue safe.

Yet isn’t in any way oppressive, during the #pandemic as a #skater. I have been looking for places to #Skate that are safe, within the recommendations and most importantly …. #Fun

I have had to temporarily Hang up my Quad Skates that I usually “Roll” with at either of the local Clubs in this part of the world. As they have had to suspend skating during the pandemic. And that “outdoor “concrete stuff hurts if you land on it or slip on a leaf. As you can see, I’m not a hardcore skater…

The focus at #Planetice in Gosport is on Family skating at the weekends ( daytimes ) however the rink has all the markings for the Hockey Skaters and the figure skaters so its a proper versatile Venue.

The usual disco lights and a cracking sound system for parties and the like . Check out the venue site for full details and location , opening timess etc

One of my fellow south coast skaters knows where most of the good Skates are . He suggested that during the summer we try “PIGosport ” for new venue bit of a strange name. It turns out it is what used to be known as Gosport ice rink and has been doing what it does very well for 20+ years

We booked the tickets, got ourselves down there ( socially distanced ) of course and in we went. We have now been back about half a dozen times, and it’s just a pleasant vibe, and people are friendly. Number 01 son ( my eldest ) bought some skate accessories from the tremendous onsite shop.

It turns out we know the Skaters that run this place through the Amazing South Roll…
but that s a whole different blog

I don’t think we will be back there this side of Christmas, but that is just because there is a lot on, its Christmas after all…..

#PlanetIce Gosport – Thanks for making us welcome, Y’all do what you do very well .

I’m pretty sure we will be back and we will bring our friends when we can

Just for the record, we paid for our tickets and transport, the blog is not #sponsored, its just a great day out that you may be looking for . Could be just what you need in tier 2

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“So I’m at home today, won’t be going out and I’m still wearing perfume! Why? Because I can!”

One of the problems of lockdown is that you just don’t go out, or at least some of us aren’t supposed to.

The disadvantage to that is that you kind of forget how nice people generally look, their eyes, their smiles ( behind a mask ) sometimes and how nice people smell. Some lucky people can do this without Cosmetics. a multi billion dollar industry globally . I manage to avoid ( not because I’m beautiful either ).

Some people think they Need a little assistance to enhance what they were Put on the planet with. They turn to bottles, Jars, lotions and Creams for  that help

As you know ” Products ”

That’s not what this little blog is about.

Its all about service that is Impressive

This time found almost by Fluke a lady who is selling perfumes and a range of Beauty & Beyond Products.

No description available.
We sell designer inspired men’s, women’s and unisex fragrances, home fragrances, cosmetics and makeup.
All products are cruelty free.”

Now I’m No way brave enough to say that Beauty & Beyond is the best or Cheapest place for cosmetics. I’m a little long in to the tooth to think that a small amount of make up can make me look adorable .

However when I heard about the lady behind Beauty & Beyond I wasn’t very suprised to see how well it set up . All the usual social media channels for information and products and ” Nice service ” that’s the important part , when there are many places you can buy a product online.

When you can’t venture out into the real world.It has to be the service you get that Matters . Or at least it does to me , that’s why I wanted to tell you about Beauty & Beyond . Especially if its good service that has helped to build that global Brand

So in answer to my initial thoughts when I received the Small gift from Beauty & Beyond , Knowing more about the person than the product “Should I blog about beauty products…. its not something I Know a lot about”. Became very easy to answer

“I think I don’t need to know a lot about the products as there is a whole world of information out there .

No description available.
I just need to know who to ask..My Buddy Francesca .
It was her that came up with the Amazing Quote.Drop her a line, Say Hi , fire questions at her.
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Just a bit of an update for lockdown really….

So just because we cant all go to the restaurants that we want to during Lock down and experience just how good they are. And we cant see or meet up with our friends. Focus on what we can all do . We went to this place before lockdown for sunday dinner , and its fair to say it definetly didnt disapoint then.

Today at lunch time , a knock on the door from one of my relations with a free Lunch . Well we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch. But today for me , there was …..

A Decent selection, I went for the Southern fried Chicken Baguette, My visitor had the prawn One. Mine was lovely, I will adnit to ” #PrawnEnvy ” and I have no idea how that many prawns stayed in the Baguette . But they did.

All the details are above, so if you are local to the village, give them a call

I’m pretty sure we will be back there before #lockdown2 ends

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“A family recipe, handed down over the generations”…Mince Pies that are just a little bit Special

“A family recipe, handed down over the generations”..Now that is a statement that can make you think you are getting something that is going to be amazing….That Is going to have the sort of quality, or in this case taste, that is magnificent.Well,on the basis that I only blog about things that are really really good or terrible I think it’s fair to say that these particular products were or indeed are are lovely.

Not something that will save the planet, not something that will stop wars.And i hope its not too early to mention the ” C ” Word, maybe i’ll just say it quietly “Christmas”….

Put simply, and just in time for Christmas. A young lady making #mincepies to her grannies recipe.

Just for the record I paid for these cakes I’m very pleased that I did and if you want to buy some from the young lady that’s making them the details are here. ( Not the young ladies details ). You can work out prices with the ladies

And to add to that , 05/11/20 I went back and bought 2 more boxes as there are Gorgeous Apple pies available as well. I’m sure we will be having more before Christmas…

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“The Elmer” oddly enough, in Elmer…. Well worth a visit for Sunday lunch

If you are on holiday in West Sussex even if you are just passing through near Littlehampton or Bognor Regis for a day and you’re looking for a nice traditional English pub to go and have #Sunday dinner then look up the Elmer hotel

If you are local you will already know of this Place and how good it is

I haven’t recently been a blogger who has taken photographs of their foods or their drinks however in this instance I wish I had…

The food was gorgeous the vegetables were nice there was lots of meat lots of gravy ,gorgeous apple sauce and the crackling, the crackling was just that

With all of the restrictions in place around #covid-19 we had to book apparently four days in advance. so this might not be the best pub to just turn up but if you can get a table it’s well worth it

And where is this amazing place …

The Elmer

PO22 6HD

I cant comment on the hotels side of things as i’m ” local ” but if they are as clean and tidy as the food is nice and plentiful then they should be good

Come to think of it , I have been here many times over the years and i dont think I have ever had a Bad experience , Not many places you can say that of at the moment

We paid for our meals, we werent given anything for writing this blog, its just when a place is this good you want to tell people about it

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Park Dean resort’s – Nodes point  – Isle of Wight. Be sure of what you are getting before you arrive

We Have used Park Dean resort’s before for a holiday, when we had to book a UK holiday due to the covid restrictions preventing us from taking our overseas trip. We thought that this would be a good break for us.

We selected the accommodation that we wanted online. And paid accordingly, we made a couple of covid calls to make sure everything was fine for the booking. We even confirmed (or so we thought) the location of the accommodation we had.

This is where it all went wrong, we were either misled, or lied to about the location we had. We asked for somewhere Central, near the entertainment and facilities. We were stuck in a field about a quarter mile down a steep hill.  When we raised this on arrival, the staff were very keen to get the general manager involved. Emails were allegedly sent, updates were promised. We were told that the recorded calls would be listened to

However, and here is the thing, for a site that deals with 3 and 4 and in our case 6 day holidays.I was informed that they have a 7 day window to respond to issues raised. We won’t be holding our breath for any sort of update

We made the best of the holiday, and as a venue, the island didn’t disappoint plenty of dog walks, beach trips and stuff to do.

However, and this is only my opinion based on the pictures I have added. This site needs a big overhaul and Money spending on modernisation and cleaning

Thick cobwebs in our kitchen

The Safari tent sleeps 6 so there was plenty of space for us 3 and the dog

But only cereal bowls and crockery for 3

No tin opener, no plug on the sink, no bowl to wash up in so we used the pan. No WiFi even though the mast was 20 feet away. It took 4 days to investigate this and no actual fix.

Confusingly, the kitchen tap, shows hot and cold, only does cold water

Oh look, they repaired the loo roll holder that was hanging off the night before
The shower block, shower wall coming away, you can’t see the grime in the photo (sorry)
The shower that won’t give you hot water after about 10 am, as per the staff I asked

My overall thought is that Park Dean are basically all about the money & have no interest in customer service or responding to questions raised of them

I do acknowledge that because we spent 2 hours + on the phone to customer service prior to arriving waiting for someone to answer they did give us a small discount off the cost of our holiday

This was primarily because one of their staff had phoned us and did not have all the information to hand that she needed therefore we thought that it was a #phishing scam

As with some large organisations I think that the people who are dealing with customers at face-to-face level need to have the ability, the authority and the power to actually resolve issues for them locally ,efficiently and in a timely manner . As opposed to hiding behind terms and conditions

this would have given us a whole different experience of parkdean. More like the one we had had previously

as it stands at the moment me and my family will not be using park Dean again and would discourage others

Update 01-09-20 despite being promised a call on the Saturday (7) days. We had to phone in to chase it up. No calls were being listened to, and as per parkdean, they would not have told us what accommodation location we had.

If you are thinking of a UK holiday. My suggestion if you are looking at parkdean. Be absolutely sure you know what you expect. If possible, look to any of the other suppliers of camp holidays. The service couldn’t be any worse.

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Who knew, finding such a cool place on a rainy day could cheer up the day. In a town I’ve never been to before….

In a town I’ve never been to before,on a rainy summer’s day in Ventnor.

We found a place, it looked quaint so we went straight in, off the street…

That’s brave for me.

What a find, and right on the prom

This one had a gorgeous suprise in it. A hunk of lemon meringue ice cream in the middle of a HUGE coffee

A huge slice of Victoria sponge for me, the age-old debate of “scone or scone” with my son a quiche and two hot chocolates for my wife and the family and I think the bill was about £13 pounds (UK) and the place is #dogfriendly. It’s just a shame that #Ventnor beach is not #doggyfriendly during the summer season

But, back to the coffee shop and wow what a coffee shop.what’s not to like.

Attentive staff, decent pricing. Just wish I’d found it sooner.

It’s on the prom in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight….

And it’s called,well I don’t actually know what it was called

Update from a cold winters night in west sussex 10/12/2020 Finally found the name of this amazing Place…

The Chocolatier

Metropole, Esplanade, Ventnor

Look them up on face Book to check they are open, and if you are passing , its well worth a visit

We were so impressed as we were walking through ventnor on my way back to the car I recommended them to another couple

This wasn’t under the #eoho scheme. We paid full price, I just thought you might like to give it a try if y’all are in Ventnor.

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When service is good, Tell People …especially if its a traditional trade.”The New Forge”


Lots of products are billed as ” the Ultimate ” in their design, Promise all sorts of things about how long they will last. About 17 years ago I bought one such product, a nice simple charcoal BBQ. Nothing too exciting there, I won’t reference the company as although the unit has worked well for many years when I contacted them for a new part, It was very much a case of we don’t do that Unit any longer and cant help you. ” would you like to buy a new one “….. such a shame that the after sales was poor Shame, as the BBQ is still good and very useable. and even I can cook an OK BBQ on it

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I applied some thought to it and came up with a solution involving an Oil drum that would hopefully get me back up and burning for another 10 Years. Lots of cutting, welding, brazing and Forging ( is that the right word ) and what I thought would be a big bill would be required. I tried to do the cutting with a Grinder, Not a pretty job at all, so who could rescue my ” Bodge “.

To make it work, I had to find a ” forge “.Not exactly the most IoT trade you might think. But the one I found and was recommended to me by a friend as its always good to recommend, but still to use someone who has an internet presence

Based in West Sussex they can take on all sorts of real work, not just the little domestic Jobs.


I’m pleased with what they have done for me. the price was good, the quality is excellent and the job was done exactly when ” Les ” ( that’s who you need to speak to or email ) said it would be.

Thanks to the New forge for a Great Job, I’m happy to pay your bill , and let the Blog world know this was not a sponsored post

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So what to do on a spring Friday evening, & then again on a Saturday with different people.. that is just as much fun as it was the night before

I discovered, now  I really am the original oldmanLeslie… I’ve turned 50, and suddenly my memory comes back to me and I remember I have a blog…

What prompted me 11927487_1640732316183572_1100438273541966453_oto blog again, was a regular session at the roller skate venue I’ve been going to for a little while… I’ve been going for a while as they are that good.

 Of the Two ,the first , and only because its on a Friday is in Lancing in West Sussex.

It’s called Starlight roller skating… And like all these places it has the usual Facebook, Instagram etc so you can find them…

What impressed me is the welcome I got when I first went, and still get  I’m not by any means the best skater, I try not to fall over … But I found out that I was skating with GB grade international quality skaters. Amazing ” Brighton skaters ” and generally friendly Peeps.

I have to say even some of the children ( most of the children ) were better than me. I can live with That ….

I’ll drop back with some pictures sometime soon. But as I mentioned, West Sussex, Friday night … Lancing is the place, and just to save y’all looking


And for the record, I wasn’t paid for this entry, I just think if a place is good to tell people about it…

This is a cool way to spend a Friday evening, or if you prefer a Saturday evening Family skate, Where you can enjoy yourself. capture2Listen to classic skating Tunes, and that ” modern stuff ” as well. and you arewp-1489879181607.png a little further West. Head for Arun Leisure centre  

Even ” oldmanleslie”, as old as the hill hasn’t been at this one since the start, they began in 1977 and I guess they must be doing something right to still be running ( closed for the covid 19 lockdown)

A regular Saturday night Skate with a good crowd. sometimes just what you need, And as per the Pictures ( historic events) themed disco nights for Halloween , Skate and find a valentine if you are brave enough , Christmas is cool if you can avoid santa

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When you get one of those days you wish you didn’t have to have ….. but it turns out more than OK

When I first joined Celebration Samba I had no idea of the wonderful things that it would involve me doing and fortunately I have enjoyed most of them I have met some amazing people I’ve met some very colorful people and I’ve met some very exciting and stimulating people this blog is about one of those people.

Closely associated to Samba is Samba dance and as a member of Celebration Samba I’m pleased to be sometimes involved with Samba dancers from Brighton which is our local city these dances are the Marta Scott Dance Company and they are one of the best in the country.

We have drummed for them as a band on many many occasions and this time I wasn’t required to drum I was just asked if I wanted to go and help to raise some funds for one of their members who has  a terminal illness.

So off I went with my long-suffering wife and picked up a couple of the Dancers en route went to the big city of Brighton and watched what was a very good performance.We collected some money for the lady that is ill (I won’t name her here obviously) and we also had some pictures taken with the Dancers and with the people that were there who seem to be having a great time

Then after all this has happened about a dozen of the Dancers decided to go on the Brighton zip wire in full samba costume so as you can imagine this raised quite a stir. lots of people looking at the Dancers, a few screams , and a few technical hitches. But overall a great day out with the crowds there for the day for a lovely sunny day in Brighton.

I would much prefer not to have to do anything to do with charity that involves raising money for illnesses whether it’s Ms or  cancer whether its some other horrible disease but taking all this into consideration I think this morning was a great way to spend some time and also to have a lot of fun and I would say again to anybody that thinks about it if you want to have fun raising money for people to help them out then go for it every single time

So if you want to find out a little more information about celebration samba or Marta and her dancers . By all means drop me an email and I’ll put you in contact

Thank you very much for looking once again at my blog


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Little old Me, and an internationally covered event – who would have thought it

Where to start these blogs, is often the problem. I could ” star wars reference ” and use the “along time ago………….. ”  but it wasn’t that long ago.however, the experience really was this year out of this world.

So who wants a blog about another fire works display, and boring pictures.

 Well, this one is a little bit special, I cant say its free to attend, as it’s not.  But it gathers international media coverage each year as the organisers continue a tradition of burning Effagees for the crowd, always Guy Fawkes. Each year they also add a selected media person. This year it was Harvey Weinstein.

23231118_1711450422200670_2793878666683402760_n The organisers that plan this amazing firework display is the Edenbridge Bonfire society. The Fireworks get so much focus, the effigy always does. What people don’t always report is the hard work of the committee and organisers that also put together a torch-lit parade through the town before the fireworks to involve the community, the schools, the nurseries and the children & families. It was  the 3rd in 4 years that I had been here, as a helper, a performer  and  this time as a marshal  so I got to actually see the amazing procession

If you are anywhere able to get to this event for future years, Or feel like helping out. contact the organisers Its got to be one of the best Fireworks displays  that “oldmanleslie ” has  ever seen “

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So, if you use a place and its good, you remember,if you use it again and its good. tell people …Ace printing – Torquay

Just back from a short  family break in Devon, nothing to  dynamic  in that you may think. we stayed in a typical  chalet site. which was Ok , we knew this as we had used it before. Days out  whilst down there for 3  generations of “oldmanleslie”  and plenty  to do .

Obviously  a day out in Torquay  was on  the list, I was pleased ‘cos this  gave me the chance to go back to  ” ACE “ A company  I had used before and I was hoping were still under the same ownership  and hadn’t been a victim of the recession.   They haven’t, in fact they seem to be doing well. All I can think  is that  it must be the friendly staff, great range & choice,keen prices and the ability to print 1 offs at low cost that have kept them going .In addition to looking after their larger  customers

Any way, to Josh and the team that helped me , Thank you & see you  sometime soon I hope

If you want to give them a call or pop in if you are in sunny Devon . details are here .. 

Just for the record, I paid for the items I left with , I wasn’t given anything for this blog, its just that  when a place does show  proper customer service and makes you feel like you want to spend money with them, Its a good thing

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So why is it that things have to change.? its not a serious issue, but …….

After  composing  this blog, I have this thought…”My grumpy old man training ”  seems to be ramping up…

Here goes

It appears that as you get older especially in the case of “Old man Leslie” there are things that you believed would always be around that aren’t…This might be people that pass on which we have seen too much of recently, this might be the friends that you either move away from or fall out with.
This might be businesses that close. today in my case it was one of the things I’ve done for many many years. Since the early days in the last millennium when I first met what became “Mrs Oldmanleslie”, there have been places we have been to, and things we have bought as we haven’t had a lot of funds. we were being careful with our money, way before MSE and the Web made it easy to find the bargains

Today in my case it was one of the things I’ve done for many many years. Since the early days in the last millennium when I first met what became “Mrs Oldmanleslie”, before there were Junior “Oldman Leslie’s” to think about. there have been places we have been to, and things we have bought as we haven’t had a lot of funds. we were being careful with our money, way before MSE and the Web made it easy to find the bargains

There have been places we have been to, and things we have bought as we haven’t had a lot of funds. we were being careful with our money, way before MSE and the Web made it easy to find the bargains

Anyway, I have referenced before the great service that we used to get from what we knew as the” meat man at ford ” we have usedmalpass capture him for Many Years,  and always had good product and service. The

The company is here, and I understand why they have to have a Fb, Instagram, and all the other new channels, as they are a great business, and they have offices all over the place in this part of the world. My only thought is that it’s not just a place to go to visit to get the meat for Christmas, or for the Monster sized BBQ packs in the summer. It was the old emotional connection of standing there in December, on not exactly the warmest of days, waiting for that special deal that I always thought  I was getting. Sad to see them not at Fmalpass detailsord any longer, worse still to see some other crowd selling meat.

I guess that as a business they have to look at where the money comes from, and if people like me only go to a market once in a blue moon, it will, of course, dwindle to nothing.  So am I, and those like me to blame for this, I think not in this instance as ” Ford market ” has evolved from the heady days of  ”  £2.99. any bag any holdall ”  and the massive £0.20 p per person admission to the ” club ” .. and buying mysterious unknown things in black bags ….Through the eBay generation and to the time when there are smartphones in every pocket. From the 2 long lines of market traders on both sides selling all sorts.

It has now become  what appears today to be a Massive ” boot fair “4611251011_958x430 but still a great place to loose a couple of hours  on the occasional  Sunday morning if you are  in west Sussex  and anywhere near Arundel and fancy buying that unfound antique


I just wish Malpass were still there and that things didn’t have to change, That we could still buy the “same old stuff”.  I guess this is one of the things that is innevitable as I get older

And just for the record, I received no payment, No slabs of gorgeous beef, none of  their sticky  ribs , fillet steak or otherwise for this blog, it’s just the thoughts of ” me ” and my reminiscences of halcyon days gone by…and not just  buying meat.

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One that I would avoid, as there are surely better places – The royal Saracens, Beaconsfield 

Firstly,I will start with what I would describe as the good aspects of this place. The staff that are obviously instructed to be attentive, they are after your drink order pretty much as soon as your bum is on the seat. The lady we had, and I won’t name her was polite, help full and all good. She knew the range and was keen to help.

Then our food order was taken. And that was when it went wrong. Things that were in the dishes ( in my case onions, that I can’t eat) we were told we could have something else instead. But when the bill came, it was as well as, not instead of…

A long wait for food ( 20 mins) and when it arrived, very small portions on what I would consider large plates.

Food tastes ok, but I don’t think at £16.95 for a burger it’s any sort of value for money… Also the usual”is your food ok” was just a passing question from a chap who looked like a customer…
Last time we were in the Saracens was a long time ago so I don’t know if it’s changed hands.

The pictures on their www and face book are not representative of the food that is served

I would just say there must be other places in Beaconsfield that are better

Oddly enough, when I filled in the feed back card and tried to hand it in at the point of paying the bill, no one wanted to take it, can’t think why

Maybe we just had a bad time, but we did have “not the best time”

The saving grace was the staff who served us, and the meals that the people we were vising had, were all good

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So I blog so much about the band I’m in…

Most of the freebie events I blog, many of the fun things I get involved in with the other Leslie’s are based around this band….

 So what is this thing that draws people in..Check out the site on line. And if you visit tell me what you think. www.celebrationsamba.co.uk/ and if you are based in this part of the world then maybe one day we may see you for a drum. This video is when our friends the dancers came over to a rehearsal…. As always, details on the web

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So when you get stuck in a bit of a rut, and then the rut changes for the better…..

Anyone who knows me and the rest of my clan knows that Saturday nights are generally skating nights. We are fortunate enough to go to a really cool, old-school club that’s been around for 40 years…. Nearly as old as old man Leslie…

They play a mix of the same old tunes, they hire out proper 4 wheel quad skates. And they are so family friendly in their normal sessions.

Well, they recently decided to do the first( in a long time) adults only extra hour… What a brilliant idea…. Not too many people, music was just that little bit different and good. Same old familiar faces, all enjoying themselves.

So why blog this, well as it’s a holiday town we live in, and people could be down here in sunny Bognor for all sorts of reasons. If you are here on a Saturday night. Check out our local sports centre and ask about the Arun skate club, or find them on Facebook.

As I  mentioned, a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday night, and if you land at the right time. Then a great child free hour for mums and dads

To the organisers. A big thank you

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Pet corrector spray -helped our little dog to get two New Pussycat friends…”Happy dogs”, we thank you


We have taken our little dog to dog/ puppy classes. And although our dog is only a Months weeks old she seems to be learning quite a lot and she also enjoys mixing with other dogs…

One of the things that we didn’t want to do this to harm or hurt  the dog or have it doing as we asked because it was afraid of us. Having had dogs when I grew up that were well behaved and we’ll trained. We knew we would hopefully get a good result from  being Nice to the animal ….

So far, it looks like we were right…

At the class  we were advised to try this aerosol spray  for times when the puppy enthusiasm was just too much.It can be bought here  and it is described ” officially as “and is available in many sizes dog-2

We thought why not give it a go…..

Little did we expect that this spray would help us to get the dog in the same room as the cats. Without either the dog chasing the cats, or the cats hissing at the dog

So thanks to “pet corrector” as your product does whatdog it says on the tin

But most importantly, and if you are based any where near Bognor Regis, and need to find one….. For a dog trainer. I would recommend “happy dogs” training club. We are new to this, however it seems to do the dog the world of good…The link above will show you their contact details . They meet at various times  for different groups


Thanks for reading my Blog

As always, just to confirm , we received no fee or gift for this blog, its just when a service is this good, its worth telling people about it


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Ovoball  –  a great toy for a dog…. Time and a small puppy will tell

This is one that I think I’m going to have to keep updated because having just recently got a new puppy dog for the Oldman Leslie family we are trying to find Indestructible toys for it to play with

Our dog is only a small cocker spaniel however as it’s a puppy it’s got so much energy
So when we were recommended Ovo balls we thought we’d give them a try they are very bright and colourful and they squeak. are very soft and they squeak … Did I mention, they squeak…so I’m sure that for a dog or puppy this is absolute bliss

There are four Ovo balls this in a pack

I’m not sure where you can buy them on the high street but I know my wife bought them online  for  £11.00 and they come in an egg box

First impressions are the hours of fun as  the hound absolutely loves them but we will see how durable are

watch this space and thanks for reading my blog


As we have now had the Ovo ” eggs ”  for a few weeks, I think I’m happy to say these are Puppy proof, I can’t blame the loss of one of the four on quality. Our puppy loves them  and  I hope she gets may more hours of play from them.. and  yes, 2 of the remaining 3   still squeak


Just to add that we did buy these we were not sent them for free they were not a trial and our opinions will be honest

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Saw it on Facebook tried it and loved it

When I realised a few weeks ago that there was no Drumming with Celebration Samba this weekend. I thought it would be good to take Mrs Leslie out for lunch, just me and her as sometimes its nice to  just be  adults ( without children) As anybody who follows my blog will know that I have a lot of nice independent places to have lunch or dinner around this part of the world so I wasn’t really sure where to go

I can’t even remember whatburger it was that I was looking for but I scrolled past a facebook page for the loft in Arundel which is a place we’ve been to before and I saw they had a special on for Halloween it looks quite nice we thought we’d give it a try.

Arundel is quite an eclectic town so there is always plenty to have a look at and shops to have a stroll around before you go in for something to eat however if you happen to go to Sparks yard which is where the loft actually is located on the top floor there are probably enough things there to keep you busy and looking and I’m used for at least half an hour so the time before meal was easy to sort out

Addition to the blog

6th February 2017

According to their Facebook page,once again the loft is  ” award winning ”

They have  won Sussex Life’s Best Family Dining Award for the second year in a row

#sussexlifeawards2017 #bestfamilydining #theloftarundel

Do like I did, see it on Facebook, try it, and enjoy supporting the independent business’s


Its all about the Sharing

I knew there was a reason to support the independent coffee shops…. And then, I met Simon

Generally I try and avoid the large chain coffee shops. I practice what I preach and try to use the independents.

now i remember why that is. We Popped out for a trip to”Whiteley’s” a local shopping village to us. Great shops, all the main brands and a few Halloween things for the little oldmanleslie to do

Also a Costa coffee. So in I went. 6 minute wait for a coffee, people holding tables still waiting for drinks, so no where to sit. Dirty trays. And in my opinion, not nice coffee. This could be down to me because I said I would try the new blend. But when I mentioned this to the guy here. He could not sort it out quickly enough.

So Costa, although your venue was dirty. And you need more tables. You need to ensure that”Simon” at this store gets a mention for service as he is polite, smart and managed to get a normal blend latte to me in half the time of the original

Top service from a face in a multi national. Well impressed as this was week outside the norm for Costa

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So always support the independent business, and I have now become a blogger as i have photographed something i was about to eat, knowing i would review it

10/12/16 Update on the blog, Unfortunately  this wonderful Sandwich shop is  No More , Such a shame, however there is always  ” the tank” for great coffee in town



I have learnt this weekend that there is going to be a change in Bognor Regis.

“Oh No , shock horror  ”

I might not be able to use the best sandwich shop in the area / in the world ( that i have tried so far ) for much longer, I’m not worried about this cos it’s for  all the right reasons IMG_201

So  when I was out with  my Number 1 son  this weekend in town looking , as you do for a pirate hat  for me for   the band I drum in . after we had shopped  ( unsuccessfully )  I did get the opportunity to use  the finest Sandwich shop I know  again  and I had the chance to get one for the boy .

obviously I’m talking about the sandwich factory in bognor

I have used them for many years never had a bad sandwich from them and will use them for as long as I can

this time as  previously I had myIMG_20141108_122053479_HDR bacon brie and cranberry baguette it was such a nice sandwich I even took a photograph of it and I know that official makes me a blogger


and as for my sons chicken tikka….there was just NO  space in a huge baguette  for any more filling .

I guess  you get what you pay for in this world, This  place isn’t as cheap as a tesco , asda, sainsburys or other . But it’s just better . so if you are here in town, butlins, on a day out.  , its definitely ( in my opinion )  the Best place to get a Sarnie


& NO , I wasn’t given these  items, i paid  for them , full price , it was just so nice and important to tell people how good this place is and support LOCAL traders


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Deli express -Bognor Regis

10/12/16 Update on the blog, Unfortunately  this wonderful deli is No More , Such a shame, however there is always  ” the tank” for great coffee in town.




So those that know my Blog will know that I have many times sung the praises of a business that for all the right reasons is no more….but for once,it’s a success story…

The team behind the sandwich factory have moved into the high street into bigger cafe / restaurant premises…still offering the great selection of baguettes and cakes. Great coffee aswell helps.


And of course my BBC baguette which was just a nice and tasty as always


I know my picture doesn’t do it justice.this is cos the half I ate already was gorgeous.

Not too pricey and with all the usual face book and email so you can order for local free delivery
I am sure it’s going to do well, so if you are here for  Holidays,butlins,a day out,shopping. it’s a great place to stop for lunch or a snack
Good luck deli Express


What a success story

And just for the record this is NOT a sponsored post

May 2016 update
Such a shame there was not enough support .this business is no more.it has closed


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Just a shame i cant use them anymore been using them for years & never had a bad one

10/12/16 Update on the blog, Unfortunately  this amazing local Business is  No More , Such a shame, however there is always  ” the tank” for great coffee in town

This had been in Bognor for many years

If not the Best, then certainly One of the best Places in the town of Bognor Regis  to get a Sandwich , Before it was the sandwich Factory, it was Kays. Before that who knows.  All i can tell you is that i have used them many times over the years, NEVER had a bad one from them, Always good service as well.

If you are  down this way, possibly on hols at Butlins

English: Skyline Pavilion, Butlin's, near...

, the shoreline, the wave . or any where else , you will find  these boys in the town near the post  office . Its weird as i have never asked the guys name, but he always says  Hi when i go in

My PERSONAL  choice is a HOT Baggutte with Bacon Brie  & Cranberry sauce…..you can now see why i cant go too often

http://the-sandwichfactory.com/  will give you their address  & NO , i wasn’t paid  for this Blog, i think the service is THAT  good  and the food speaks for itself

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“The tank” a little place with a Massive approach to customer service

Right in the heart of Bognor Regis Town there used to be a McDonald’s.now this was a McDonald’s that like many other towns had their people  that would meet around the front of it and will be open all hours. it  would serve all the usual stuff however. This wasn’t enough for the huge corporate13235356_1739686559623497_4101827746472934004_othat is McDonald’s, who  decided to take the restaurant out of Bognor Regis and it’s place was  empty for a little while


But now the site that was formerly the restaurant has been brought up and is being developed at the moment it is the smallest coffee shop and bar in Europe and it’s called “the tank”

There is a lot of work going on at the tank to make it a venue for all sorts13450240_1749017372023749_6410048138397298701_nof things for all kinds of people but initially it’s a coffee shop that seats no more than about 4 or 5 people and it’s friendly and it’s good and it’s quality coffee and it’s nice. I personally as a resident of Bognor Regis wish the owner or the very very best luck in getting it off the ground I’ve used it a couple of times, the  coffee is  good,doughnuts are gorgeous and  it’s such a nice place to go if you are in town whilst on holiday


Its right in the middle of town

41-43 High Street

Bognor Regis

So nice to see a start up doping well. and  have  great feedback, but dont take my word for it

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Children go free in fancy dress for Halloween 2016….now that always sounds good when free means Free. I’m sure there is lots to spend your money on when you get there

This could be a brilliant offer for anybody who’s got young children and lives in the south of the UK.

Basically if your children are dressed up in Halloweencapture2 fancy dress then there is free admission to Monkey World one of the best attractions along the south coast here is the link to the Monkey World website if you want to verify this and I found this link on h u k d have a great Halloween and remember it’s all about having fun


Here are the T’s & C’s from the monkey world website at this link 


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What a great little find, I only wish we had found it earler – Flo’s Diner

So this is all about  an amazing little Diner that me and my family found when we were on our holiday this summer.

We stayed in New York state and I’m sure many of the native new yorkers would know of many many good places to eat however we didn’t go to many many places we went to a few and one of the best that we found was Flos Dinerwebbanner-custom-size-496-198

It was a nice unassuming place a good service, amazing menu ( i had flos slop )  of great  food.well priced,clean tidy and basically what all the things I perceived an American diner should be.

Flo’s Diner advertises itself as the home of the”tencent coffee”  I tried the tencent coffee and it was just as nice as many that I paid £1 for £2 for in the UK.

This Diner was an absolute Gem of find and i only wish  that we had found it a lot earlier during our stays6300115-custom-blend-darkclouds-20-crop-0-0-14-0-99-0-86-size-697-522

we did pay for food we weren’t given anything the prices were good the food was amazing and if I am back  in the future I will definitely go back to Flos Diner

if you’re in that part of the world in New York state and it looking for a nice place to go and eat I would highly recommend Flos Diner

And if you are a new yorker and are wondering where this gem is:

3223 Rt 31, Canastota, NY

And if you are a naive ” UK holiday maker on  a trip in as you have seen this blog and fancy trying it , The hot sauce is exactly that “

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ASDA – FERRING – NOT supporting customer in store food donations to charities.It really isn’t about the money,Service counts for so much

Today unfortunately I have to blog about some  appalling customer service.And a shocking Lack of support for local charities shown by my local Asda Store

I had the misfortune to go to visit my local Asda Ferring to return a product which was broken.My issue is not about the actual product although I will come on to that in a short while my issue is how appalling the service was.capture

I had also visited the store with my youngest son to look at the Halloween goods and decorations for the house that he wanted to buy

The product i was returning was simply a pair of jeans that I had worn about 5 or 6 times the problem with the jeans was that the little tag on the zip has broken and therefore they were not usable

This should surely be a simple procedure of Taking Back the broken jeans and exchanging for a new pair however as there were none in my size available at the store  that were out on display I picked the next best suitable pair .I tried them on and decided I would take those when I went to the customer service desk who makes the transaction I was charged an additional £10.00 extra because the selected pair  were different to the ones I brought back and the ones I have brought back were possibly at the lowest price they have been sold at  since I had bought them.

I was not happy about this and therefore I dared to question this with the person who has done the exchange (Sam). Then colleagues were called   and there was lots of going to warehouses and looking for stock and another person at the customer service desk that came to help me who said “we would sort out of Goodwill” because of the mistakes.

Finally somebody came back from the warehouse with the exact same style of jeans I had brought into the store and it was a simple exchange and swap this you would think would be the end of the problem however when I went to see the lady who had told me about the Goodwill she genuine  gave me a £3 Goodwill Asda card. So trying to show my son that you pass these things on  when you get the opportunity , I told him to go and get something from the shop ( and we would top it up ) that we could give to a food bank  or a charity or some other good cause that the store was collected for.

Whilst I was talking to the lady in the store about my disgust that there was not a food bank I could give a small amount of shopping to she actually said to me that if I wanted to talk to the manager of the store he was actually walking towards us and my comment quite loudly when he came past was it’s no good talking to the managers here because nothing gets done surely this would have been some form of maybe a trigger or something that the manager could have observed and may be stopped and said is there anything I can do but no unfortunately the manager of  Asda Ferring just walked on by.

This is the whole reason for me blogging about this sorry incident I think it is disgusting that  if people want to buy food and donate to a charity of the stores choice  then there should be a facility for them to be able to do that in-store

As a family  we have done this at a Tesco store I believe we’ve also done it in Salisbury’s as well however it appears that Asda Ferring store don’t want to support the local food banks and charities that are around them at store level  and they don’t want their customers to  either  .

So in a very brief summary I personally would not use Asda Ferring because the service is terrible they’re solution is to throw  you a good will gift card at you, and then when you want to pass that on to somebody else or to another organisation and help those less fortunate you can’t do it so just for the record we gave the gift card to the next person that we saw came into the shop we pointed out (Sharon)  as the lady who had said probably that we shouldn’t do this and lady and husband that we gave it to were really really really pleased. Asda Ferring my opinion is you need to sharpen up your customer service. Whilst for you as part of the massive multinational  Chain, its all about the Profits. This is not the case when it  comes to your customers. I  also now have to explain to a young child why we can give to a charity box or trolley  in your store.

No, I was not paid for the blog, The opinions are mine based on events and service I experienced Yes, we did  give away the gift card to some one we didn’t know



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Look & Sea Visitor Center Surrey Street Fisher mans Quay, Littlehampton – such a great place for a coffee, a meal and a base for a day in town

As a family  we a ” wheel chair  relation ” we found recently  and have used many times  the look & sea Centre  as its fairly local  to us. It has facilities for disabled access. good food at reaEpilepsy explained's photo.sonable prices , a great view over the river and down  to the sea , friendly staff, in fact all that you would want in a restaurant. always best to book a  table in advanLook and Sea Centre's photo.ce as  because its so good , it can get busy on sunny days. I am  not a blogger that has taken pictures  of the food I eat here, but as  I have never had a meal that was anything less that  lovely it  shouldn’t need pictures of the food

Full details of the look and sea  center  can be found on their page  here  Just for the record, i have not been paid for this blog, its just that I believe if a place or business offers good service then you tell people  about it


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Cone heads ice cream parlour ,Oneida ,NY state What a great parlour


There must be many many ice cream shops in America and I cannot comment on any of the others however on a holiday to Oneida in New York State we found as a family that the Coneheads Ice cream parlour was absolutely amazing.

Such a massive choice of ice cream syrups flavours toppings 13939510_1245791212099929_4267746970544629106_nand otherwise in any combination that you wanted as ice cream or indeed as a milkshake and to top it all off the pricing was pretty good as well

Well worth a visit if you are in this part of the world

The lady that served us was really helpful, even my son’s amazing choice when we told him could have what he wanted wasn’t a problem

I only wish we had discovered the place little earlier, we would have been back. If you want to get in contact then there are all the usual methods. Just tell them where you saw the review  and ask the lady how the Caribbean trip fund is  going

All the usual social media contacts

Just for the record, I have not been paid for this blog, it’s just that I believe if a place or business offers good service then you tell people  about it


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Just an Amazing ” freebie ” day out – Hastings Pirate day 2016

Firstly , I admit to having taken this from the web ( my own blog infact ) so is that allowed , who knows Not to sure if I should use the text above for this  as it’s really a review of  what has been a great  year  ( band wise  )  and  there are still events to come this year .

I have the pleasure of performing with  Celebration Samba, a band based in   West Sussex . The band has been around for a while  and  it seems to get better  every year . The reason for the blog is an event that  being in the band Takes me to  each year, a great day for Families, Adults, Children,mums and dads alike .

Its my involvement with the band that has taken me to so many places, dressed me up in fancy dress, made me smile, and  really enjoy something that other people seem to enjoy me doing .

Hastings Pirate Day 2016 on Sunday 17th July 2016

There is just so much going on, and its only if you tell people about these things that the word gets out

So why blog about it, well, the band has shown me that  it’s not just the ” big & shiny ” events that are fun, Dressing up. and playing & performing  can be good & its so much fun.Last  year has also seen oldmanleslie, don his pirate  wig, use his best AAAAARRRRRRR

Before I get picked up saying the event is Free, you will have to pay to get there, you may have to buy  food / drink etc, and you may need to get parking and things for your children.

So I guess the main point of the blog, is that  if like me you are at a carnival procession ( big or small)and you see something that looks like fun, it’s always  good to ask, because speaking from experience, if I hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have found out about celebration samba,and I couldn’t have told you about all the wonderful  free to attend events going on in this part of the world

If you fancy Joining the band, have a look at their www and see if you can get along to rehearsals , full details and a Little history  are here and if you think it’s just ” 40 somethings like oldmanleslie “. no we have all ages  in the band.and its NOT  always about piracy.Mums, dads,grannies,granddads,father & sons, Generally people just having a good time entertaining people

For the blog,  my involvement with  the band
has cost me to buy kit and rehearse, however it has shown me that there  are so many carnivals and free events that are typically  English around the country, its still a good  ( and noisy if you are drumming ) place to be.

“see you at the pirate day , be sure to come and say HI “

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Trying a new place..and a new question

Popped into dunelm today..just for a sneaky latte when the ” Old man Leslie” clan. Went shopping. Like everywhere else like this it has a coffee shop. Unlike a lot of other places the Barista was up to the question” can you make me a nice coffee of your design that you haven’t made before”

A strange request, but the result is gorgeous.


Although you can’t taste pictures….

Any how,if you are out rainy day shopping in this part of the world, Brunch, coffee, lunch or otherwise  i would say  it was worth a visit

Can comment on prices as MrImage of stores ” oldmanleslie ” was treating me , but when its good, you tell people.


I cant even tell you what it was i had as i forgot to ask, its just to say that  it was refreshing to find a person  that was ” up for the challenge ”  and knew enough to make  ” a nice cup of coffee ”

I wonder if on the board one day they might put  ” awkward customers mystery coffee ” .

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Gallery Restaurant & Tea Rooms – Littlehampton ( There are better alternatives )

We popped into this restaurant for a bit of lunch today, Its right in the middle of all the Harbour park development in Littlehampton  ( west Sussex ) . Just a briefIMG_20160605_125140460[2] review…so here goes

Dirty Cutlery that we had to clean,No means of anyone with a wheelchair actually having a card terminal brought out to them to pay,so in this instance “the real oldmanleslie  had a freebie ” No one bringing cutlery out to you, the waiter staff behind the counter ” threw/ dropped ” the bottles of drink on a tray. and for a restaurant on the seafront serving predominantly fish, NO Tartar Sauce available. The fish was OK and enough of it.

2@scampi& chips, 1@cod & chips with 3 soft drinks £29….so not exactly “cafe ” prices

My recommendation , if its fish you want , then for take away, it has to be Freds of littlehampton and if its a restaurant then always the fish factory . both of which i have used previously and can recommend.

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If its good, you keep going back – London road coffee shop. Bognor regis

The whole idea of a loyalty card I guess is that eventually you might get some thing free if you keep the card long enough….it seems that for this independent coffee shop I have handed many cards over so they must be good

For the record I have never asked  for freebies. I’m just the annoying guy that comes in asking for ” a nice coffee”..

Today,a nutty caramel latte


The PIC doesn’t di the taste justice….just what is needed on a hot sunny day in town when shopping

Only my opinion, but definetly the best in town

So if you are in Bognor for Butlins,a hen do,local shopping or just a day at the seaside….pop in

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Even Big kids like to have fun sometimes

Even Big kids like to have fun sometimes, we all need a hobby, something that we enjoy , and that hopefully makes us smile, For me  that’s such an easy one, Like most of you , ( I hoa89677_d512a722b0b446bfa445fa43138d23e5pe) I have a good group of  family around  me that  support me , Me & Mrs OML( oldmanleslie) have been  blessed with 2 great boys…But this is not a serous  blog, Its all about  fun sometimes.

And for the ” blog ” if someone does a good job of something, you tell people  so that business gets more business and does good for more people

So there was I, just a normal summer weekend out and about  in Bognor.IMG_0195
Drumming with celebration samba  at a Spring Fayre. Doing our first performance . a bit of a procession , then we had our  break.

So off I went looking around the stalls  and things that were there .  That was where I met the nice ladies of  Face fanatics.  Look what they didScreen Shot 2015-11-19 at 18.03.42 to  me ( the beard doesn’t look so go, That was my work not theirs ).. All I know is that there were a lot of children walking around with Painted faces. so these ladies must have been busy  all day.They also said they can “pirate ” 
me up for the autumn season.

Just for the record , I paid for the the nice ladies of  Face fanatics to make me up  and was not paid to attend the fayre. these are Just my opinions  as its all about the sharing

Strange locally that  for make up, masks and face paint etc  we alsca7b471a30b0f092d16e547a1d489b0ao have Maggot pie  who take it to a whole different league. I was also happy  to let these guys ” make up ” my son at  a comi-con11224380_10207295399360285_2725333559187263298_n event. Maggot Pie  dont just do Face paint, check out their web pages for Their effects.

They also provide characters for events locally and Nationally

It seems strange that my hobby takes me to a lot of free to enter events around the south , I meet a lot of creative people  and Have a lot of fun. the events that the band does are on their www. Some are free to attend, some  may charge.

So here’s  the point to the blog , there are of course many websites for giveaways and  cheap tickets for reference. My suggestion would be to scratch a little below the surface.Get involved where you can, as an individual , a family  or otherwise. You  may meet all sorts of People  that  run  businesses and  groups are all out there to make  a few pennies but they do it well and YES, I would recommend those above


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Many things Touch Many people in Many ways…i wish Cancer would just move a stage further away from me

The ” C ” word, the  “oh no he/she hasn’t got IT Have they ”  so many other expressions  that people use  when Cancer first hits them in their life  and affects either them, or some one  that they Know .

I make no apology for the number of links in this post or the lack of Pretty pictures , There are a lot of things I want to draw attention to, Its Not easy as I’m not going to name the people that have  been affected by this. That wouldn’t be right , I will send them a link out, they can do with it what they will.

I consider myself to  be  a generally lucky sort of fella, I personally  ( to date ) have not had to deal with ” the big C ”  in my own Direct Family. But as any one who knows “oldmanleslie” will be aware, I lost  an uncle to cancer  who was one of the nicest  men, in fact   the nicest Gentleman you could hope to meet.

I lost a very dear friend of mine & the family who was taken far too early , and I now have a friend of the family  recently Diagnosed. I have seen the effect on my Folks  when their friends have gone. Basically I think that cancer , There, i used the word…. cancer,cancer,cancer,cancer,cancer absolutely Sucks, it wrecks lives and leaves a very hard to shift slice in  peoples lives.

So any chance to do something  that  raises awareness,funds,and may possibly  reduce the chance of even 1 person having to go  through the ringer has top be a good thing. And this is where the parts of my life all came together  and resulted in me Blogging about an amazing Charity  that needs awareness. I drum with Celebrationsamba we are based in Worthing on the south coast of the UK . we are a few years old and  we are growing in presence, Numbers and  where we perform. We are on the up. How easy a cVoluntary Action Worthinghoice was it  when we were asked to play at a local event  for cancerwise ..
Obviously  a “NO Charge ” gig that we hope be asked to play each year.

So why blog about a gig……….. because i have never seen so many people in one place  all  there for the same reason , having a quintessentially English  Fair , on st Georges day, with the Homesun shining, by the sea. Having a cuppa & a cake  and  chatting to friends. A great day, not super dynamic, Not internationally attended by ” A ” listers . but a brilliant day , raising awareness and Money for a great cause, I’m not asking you to donate, you can do that here if you want

I wont link out  to a friends “event ” that she is doing in memory of a dear friend of ours ”  I would just leave you with the thought  that if some one asks you  to step up and help them ” for charity” there is so much more that you can do than put pennies in a pot.

And yes, for those that know,  i hope  our old mate was up there some where  having a chuckle at me hitting all the wrong  steps trying to dance





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A firm is only as good as its Staff, and when the man at the top is this good….

This blog isn’t going to help you with a great day out; it won’t even tell you where to get a decent meal, or a coffee in town. There is a saying that goes something along the lines of “if you get great service” then tell people. So here goes.

6 years ago ( so it’s not  just a flash in the pan, recent thing ) we had some work done on our little house, Mrs ” oldmanleslie” decided she wanted the kitchen we had inherited  to be updated, she could live with the dust, lack of services, upheaval  etc. etc. as long as she got  the nice shiny kitchen she chose. Part of this of course was choosing the flooring, so of we went to a local place to choose the best for us. We hadn’t used this company before so we thought we would give them ago.

They listened to what was wanted, where it was to be used and an idea of what we had to spend on the job. As a result they recommended that we use 

All I can say is that for the first few months it was fine, and then it started to crack, shrink and in some parts lift. In my opinion there are better flooring solutions out there available. I would NOT  recommend Karndean

This is the point where I became glad we had used the right fitters for it. As a simple call to the fitters and they came and sorted out the concerns, NOT just a fix, But a fix to the customers (Mrs oldmanleslie’s) standard.


My reason  for wanting to tell of how good the service is from this company. Here we are 6 years down the line and I’m told  that they have popped in this afternoon to sort out the last of the last reported issues.

So I now have:

  • A smooth Kitchen floor. This is handy when we come  down and its dark to raid the fridge.
  • A happy wife who has sorted her problem kitchen floor
  • An opportunity to tell people that  if you are looking for great service at Good prices( not always the cheapest) and you can find them. Then call Sargeants….

Just for the record, in the time since I contacted Sargeants for the kitchen, We have used Sargeants for other small rooms in the house. I have not asked them to do any work  or provide service for free, I am choosing simply to tell about great service from a local company to the Bognor Regis ( UK ) area. There may be other companies in the area that are just as good. but i think you would have to go  a long way to beat the service we have had.




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So when you ask……you definetly get – London road coffee shop, Bognor regis

I prefer to shop where possible at the independent stores in town, I guess if everyone did, and didn’t use the large chains all the time, we would be a better place, that s just my opinion….any way, as I have previously claimed to have found the best coffee and the best place to have it on the planet,

I had written off that side of my Blog. Until this morning when me and my long suffering wife were out in town and wanted a coffee as we had a few minutes spare …Only one place for it. And its a place that never disappoints Service is always good, the staff are really friendly, and the prices aren’t too bad either

So why Blog about a shop….

Well I like to be a challenge sometimes and I as I had my ” freebies ” from the loyalty cards, I d


decided to ask the barista ” can you make me a nice cup of coffee that you have never made before ” . Daunting when she said she had been there for 5 years …
What can I say, the lady took the challenge and made for me what she called a Vanilla Americano with a flat white top… simple enough I guess, but tasted lovely.

My recommendation if you are in Bognor on holidays, staying at #Butlin’s for a weekend, or is a local, just popped out for a few bits, in Bognor then it has to be… And for the record, although it was s freebie coffee from my card , I wasn’t ” given it ” . Its just that this place is so good

The London Road Coffee Shop

Food And Drink

Some times an endorsement doesn’t help

So sometimes when you buy a branded product and you buy it often you kind of know what it’s going to taste like. Tonight I drank the last of my christmas stock of various ginger beer that I had bought.
there were many different varieties and this one was the original Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer. Which I have had before.I had a few over time. This one tasted different. Same brand,same fridge,same amount of time. It just didn’t taste as good as usual.


I couldn’t work it out. What was different, was I imagining things…
All I could see that was different was this was a bottle that was offering me a chance to win a load of tfi Friday goods

Would a regular manufacturer make a different batch just for TV advertising and why does everything now have to have a competition with it .?


The drink was almost as nice as usual it’s just I guess now that it looks a little different so in my mind it tastes a  little different

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Jonny Wilkinson lends support

City Walls Pass

We were delighted at CRFC when Rugby Union legend Jonny Wilkinson graciously lent his support to Chichester Rugby Club and the City Walls Pass.

Jonny Wilkinson Jonny Wilkinson

The Record Breaking all-time great signed three World Cup Rugby balls for CRFC wishing us the best of luck with our Longest Pass Guinness World Record breaking attempt. We take those good wishes seriously especially considering the long list of world records and titles that Jonny has to his name. Playing in the annual Five/Six Nations Tournament Wilkinson scored the most drop goals 11, and the most conversions 89 in the tournament’s history.  In the 2001 tournament Jonny scored an incredible 89 points, the most in any single season.

CRFC signed RWC balls CRFC Wilkinson signed RWC ball

Many thanks again to Jonny Wilkinson for lending his support to CRFC longest pass World Record attempt.

If you would like to get involved with the City Walls Pass, which…

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so we kind of hit the big time ……….

Its been such a long time since my last blog, hope I can remember how to Blog. So i sign in to my blog, and i see that word press has changed, it looks a lot easier,

Maybe I can get back to blogging, I guess only time will tell,any how, things are good in the oldmanleslie house, I still haven’t found better coffee any where than here IMAG0783

I have tried to cut down on the junk food, so no more bad service from KFC or subway  I guess that’s one way to ensure you don’t get bad service , to stop using something

Still Proud of my family and the way they make me smile ,Still working for the same company   and still drumming withsamba guy www.celebrationsamba.co.uk/ and looking  forward to a Busy  summer……

Oh by the way , did i mention that  This  Sunday coming, Worthings Samba Band  are playing  and leading a procession into the Amex Stadium In Brightonamex-stadium-1 (1). to and audience  of 10000+ people. All out to support something in support of a new bishop. you can find details  from #festival50 on the usual channels .

So why do i choose to blog this . Simply for the reason that if you see something that you think looks good, try it , do it because you enjoy it , and do it to the best ofestival-50-landscape-finalf your ability …. I had no idea that when i heard a  little samba band at my local carnival  2 + years ago that i would one day be playing with them  to 10000+ people , least of all looking forward to it

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And once again . Lego ( a massive multinational ) show the rest how Customer service should be done

I have blogged many times about how good Lego is as a brand.  Well i think that this  one is  really amazing, Just think of how many children  have received Lego all over the UK, and  Europe this Christmas . possibly lost  a piece or had one damaged 


Well, Lego  seem to have that covered. the site is pretty self-explanatory https://service.lego.com/en-gb/replacementparts#BasicInfo   and  it does exactly as it says on the page


I found the offer on HUKD  with the guidance from the original poster of …….

Quite a few sets to choose from, type the model number in the box and Select your part(s)

Ideal for lost, broken or missing parts.

I’ve just ordered a couple of parts which my child has lost.

I’ve confirmed with a Lego rep over the phone and asked if any charge and they said no.

can call to confirm Tel: 00800 5346 5555 (Free via landline mobiles may charge)

We are available 9am – 5pm (GMT) Monday – Friday.







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Celebration Samba – Drumming feels good! | Join for free In January

I suppose that this one is only for people that are based near worthing in west sussex however it’s a great opportunity to come along and learn something new

The practice sessions are fun and the events out for summer are amazing

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So not having blogged for a little while..

Been a little while since I have written a blog and I can’t really say that I have missed publishing things however it has been a good christmas and we all enjoyed ourselves one thing that has been important is that we have remembered Christmas isn’t just about the giving. Like so many other people we have travelled around the country to see relatives we have had people come to see us from all around the country and we had a pretty good relaxing time.
The Christmas tree is now back in its box all the lights are down all the decorations and down and its twelfth night and that is the purpose of this blog

Christmas is a traditional thing, we all sing a christmas carol about the 12 days of Christmas therefore It was very strange to hear in a shop on boxing day two people asking each other have they had a good Christmas..?

I haven’t made too many new year resolutions this year but one thing that I hope for is that the pace of events and slow down  a little.

Just because the media and everything else happens so quickly nowadays it doesn’t mean that we have to follow it.

Deliberately there are no tags on this blog so I don’t expect too many people will see it however I would welcome any comments on it

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About me

Liebster award

“Oh Er Missus”, here I am, a newish blogger and I get nominated for an award, and I’m so pleased….I think

I wasn’t  sure of how these things work, how to compete with all the SAHM’s out there ,what my blog would benefit from, or even  the true meaning of Liebster so I “googled that bit ”  and found out its “ somewhere between sweetheart, beloved person, darling dear, darling; beloved, liked very much; affectionate, loving, favorite, preferred above others; liked or loved above others

For the rest of it , I guess it works by e@word of mouth commonly referred to as “PLS RT ” and that’s the ” award ”

I realize that  SAHM’s have more time than me so I can’t compete, and “ it doesn’t matter “ as if it’s not fun I don’t do it ( blog that is )

All of which are pretty positive, so if that’s what Abi of muminahurry thinks then I must be doing something right. So thanks for the nomination (it means a lot)

The rules I have to comply with: liebster2

  • Credit  back to the blog that chose you , you in your post – Done
  • Answer the 10 questions they Posed  – Done
  • think hard to find 10 new questions for your choices – Done
  • And obviously nominate at least 10 new bloggers– Done
  • Comment on this post when you´re done, so we can follow the trail– Done

So, here we go. Here are the questions that Abi posed me, with my answers:

  1. Favorite drink – Coffee, – that’s easy ( iced peach latte to be precise )
  2. First pet’s name – Honey Pie, not really mine, Mum & dads Labrador when I was a kid , so all the fun & no Vets bills
  3. Favorite movie trilogy –  so easy  this one before it had 1 2 & 3 added, original Star wars ( 4 5 & 6 ) but 7 looks good
  4. Your proudest moment/s –The birth of my children and Getting Wed
  5. UK holidays or foreign climes –foreign climes
  6. Favorite naughty treat – BBC Baguette ( Bacon Brie & Cranberry )
  7. Where do you run to when you need to escape – I don’t run, I stay and try to sort it out,
  8. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be – would lose weight I guess *
  9. Conversely what is your favorite thing about you – How I fit into my family
  10. Other than your partner and kids, –My mum & dad as they helped me become what I am today & they are proud of me

My nominees are:

  1. @osborne2029 of wordpress.com because it seems like a clean light-hearted Blog
  2. @labelsforlunch of fashionforlunch.net as it’s all the things I would like to wear ( see above *)
  3. The admin @pbloggersnet of pbloggers.co.uk I know this one’s a cheat , but without the support from this channel as a novice, I would have given up on the blogging, a true, Honest blog, doesn’t look to be in it for the glory  and really likes to help others , hosts forums. and to me seems to sum up what I would like my blog to be.

I have listed these 3 as influential to me for the reasons I mention. I would add just 1 more to the list

Tina  who  admins thesoupdragonsays  a lady  I knew before blogging, back in the days BI ( before Internet )  and although it’s a different style of blog, and lots of it is sponsored, it shows you what  a blog can do if it’s given time


I am still new to this so 10 nominees is a little hard, but I suppose  just because I like to read  what they blog, and I go back to them I could add these to the list. They don’t all ” word press “, some are Google+ and other channels.some may even have enough followers already, but that’s not why I follow them

twitter.com/CoolTownCrier   @cooltowncrier  who blogs On Twitter all that is going on in the local area

twitter.com/adursol   @adursol who have taken on planning a great local event and really show  how to embrace social media  for support and ” electronic word of mouth ”

twitter.com/HOBODataLoggers   @hobodataloggers a world-class manufacturer, special as it’s a global brand that you probably haven’t heard of. It pays all its taxes and puts ” a lot back in ”

www.tempcon.co.uk/   @tempconuk  I may be biased on this one, but a UK manufacturer, supplying globally. Been around a long time (30+ years ) so must be doing something right. and a good place to work

twitter.com/JudeandOllie    @JudeandOllie another lady I met in the real world in the early days of the internet . One of the best Blogs I  get  sent through , that I enjoy reading and having a chuckle.


Now I’ve done that Here are my questions for my nominees:

  1. What started you blogging and does it still drive you today?
  2. What really annoys you, things, events or people?
  3. Local British shop / manufacturer or Global Brand?
  4. Favorite Naughty treat (sorry to copy it, but what a great question)?
  5. Real world meet ups, or keep it online?
  6. Allow kids to play as we did, or wrap them in cotton wool?
  7. In 2014 what makes someone a “celebrity “?
  8. Old school, Politically Correct or somewhere between?
  9. More of it if it’s cheaper and will break, or less of it as a higher quality higher price product?
  10. The thing you look forward to most each & every  day?
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I saw it, i asked about it and it gives me a smile every time I go

So as we approach Christmas 2016

Not to sure if I should use the text above for this  as it’s really a review of  what has been a great  year for me   ( band wise  )  and  there are still events to come this year . I have the pleasure of performing with  Celebration Samba, a band based in   West Sussex . The band has been around for a while, in fact next year will be our 14th year   and  it seems to get better  every year . So I wanted to tell some key people  about it , and a blog seemed to be the best idea.

We play most weekends  between palm Sunday  & Christmas,  we are sometimes  at more than one event in a day  ( what it is to be popular )  and  generally all the drummers have a great time.  sometimes its a cultural event, sometimes its a carnival , a party , a summer fair , a Christmas celebration, we turn up and drum.

Its my involvement with the band that has taken me to so many places, dressed me up in fancy dress, made me smile, and  really enjoy something that other people seem to enjoy me doing .  So why blog about it, well, the band has shown me that  it’s not just the ” big & shiny ” events that are fun,

And in a couple of weeks we get to support  the ladies that are behind the  sea of lights . this is a community event that  Logohas become a regular event, great for kids , families and those who like a traditional  ” feel good ” day .They  even have the #adursol2016 

This year  we hope to have some dancers with us at this event  from the MSDC ( MartaScottDanceCompany )

Then we have the Christmas celebrations in Littlehampton  to ” bring in  to the town “.

We Provided the music and lessons for around 400 Guides as part of the Olympics this year

But don’t think  that it’s just small gigs,  this year has also seen oldmanleslie, don his pirate  wig, use his best AAAAARRRRRRRand attend Hastings Pirate day 2016.

We also lead out the Worthing carnival Again in the summer , what an excellent day that was

a bit of an insight into Me......
a bit of an insight into Me……

So I guess the main point of the blog, is that  if like me you are at a carnival procession ( big or small)and you see something that looks like fun, it’s always  good to ask, because speaking from experience, if I hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have found out about celebration samba,and I couldn’t have told you about all the wonderful  free to attend events going on in this part of the world

If you fancy Joining the band, have a look at their www and see if you can get along to rehearsals , full details and a Little history  are here and if you think it’s just ” 40 somethings like oldmanleslie “. 10616680_10152272119731962_9041637334396140655_nno we have all ages  in the band. Mums,dads,grannies,granddads,father & sons, Generally people just having a good time entertaining people

As my involvement with  the band  has cost me to buy kit and rehearse, it has also shown me that there  are so many carnivals and free events that are typically  English around the country, its still a good  ( and noisy if you are drumming ) place to be


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What a brilliant Family Night out & free of charge as well

And yes, it was even better this year

Oldman Leslie's Blog

I had the pleasure of being invited to  Glastonbury this year for Free, i was told about the event by the good people who head up celebration samba …. Now I know that everyone will think  of the Massive music festival, but any one who know me  knows I ” aint  the biggest fan of live music ” so that’s unlikely What I didn’t know is that every year in that part of the world there is a whole series  of Illuminated Processions  that tour the area and  on the last night of the season they get together for a competition  and  ” Tour ” around Glastonbury . It’s a free event, all we had to pay was £3.something for a whole days parking in the town The floats are Amazing 

Glastonbury Carnival 2011 - Jungle dancers )

And  as they come past, the heat, Noise and general excitement is Brilliant, Obviously  this has all been…

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A Great Free event -2 of 3 ( UK Family Based ) – Glastonbury Illuminated carnival

So as we approach ChristmasIMG_20141115_203501593_HDR  and all the  usual costs  it brings, I just thought I would let you know about 3  freebies  that  me and the ” oldmanleslie Clan ”  found  this autumn. events  that  are free to attend, some small, some absolutely huge . all good fun, all based in the south

This blog is about the  ” HUGE EVENT ” , possibly one of the largest free events in the UK


it’s an event that  the Carnival clubs in the area  have been  doing  for many years and I have to say , they are pretty good at it

This is held, as the name suggests in Glastonbury  ( Somerset ) and forms part of the  group of Carnival Clubs  in the area that operate a ” circuit ” during the autumn , they come together in Glastonbury for the season Finale

It’s a great  event, with music, Thousands IMG_20141115_201102096and thousands of lights  and all the great  independent shops of Glastonbury ,  and all the usual  fair rides  etc ( these Charge ) there should be a load of pictures available

There are organisations parading that  are collecting for all sorts of charities ,  I guess  the only problem with trying to Blog about how good something thatIMG_20141115_214218968_HDR is such a sensory  overload, is that  the pictures just don’t do it justice
Any way, it’s a free to attend event, it’s a great  night  out for families, so I thought I would  pass it on , as always there is a Facebook page that you can like , so you  know when next years event will be . also there are the links on the FB to the various  videos etc


This is the second year we have been, as last years was good ( heres the review )  we didn’t think it could get any more fun ………..But it did